Create Automated Remarketing Campaigns To Your Lost Website Leads

Your website traffic is a result of your tremendous marketing efforts. Don’t let valuable leads go.
Now lost leads don’t have to be lost forever. With Capture® you can collect and automatically remarket to your lost website leads. Maximize the power of your remarketing with automated email remarketing or chose from a variety of our integration partners.


We are proud to be Privacy Shield Certified CAN-SPAM & GDPR Compliant. You can be confident that your data is protected.



Capture more leads, increase your conversion and grow your sales.



Select from one of our partners for seamless connection to your marketing strategy.



Set it, and forget it. Create automated and personalised campaigns to execute 24/7 your abandoned leads.

We help you stop losing valuable website leads and create an automated remarketing strategy to bring them back and grow your conversions.

Visitor conversion made easy. Real-time lead capture, personalized and automated email campaigns, CRM and Google Ad integrations, detailed analytics all brought together to convert more visitors to customers.




Capturing leads throughout your entire site, and landing pages

Utilize the Capture platform for all of your digital marketing landing pages, websites, and Google Ads account. Questions? Contact us TODAY!
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Integrations Made Easy

Our technical development team is constantly working with the most used CRM’s and marketing platforms available to create seamless integrations to connect your digital marketing. No CRM, No problem our automated email campaigns are easy and ready to use.

Why Capture®

Capture® is the first and only patented software that allow you to grow your lead generation and automated ReMarketing capacity by capturing data the instant it is typed into your web form.
Now you can stop losing leads to incomplete forms, and Capture® more leads for your digital spend.
With our automated remarketing platform you can create powerful, personalized remarketing email campaigns that help recover your leads and increase sales and conversions.

How Exactly Does It Work?






Google Ads Integration

Now with Capture® you can expand your lead generation in new ways and create look alike audiences by connecting your Google Ads account to your Capture® Dashboard.
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Google Ads

Create new audiences based on your web traffic and optimize your Ad spending.

Add a laser-like focus to your
remarketing campaigns with Capture®

Don’t you hate it when prospects are a click away from diving into the final stage of your sales funnel but suddenly leave your website? We feel your pain. However, just because they haven’t finished your quote form doesn’t mean they are disinterested in your services or products. Maybe they’ve been distracted in the real world or simply need more time to make a decision. So why not give your potential customers a nudge, that is where Capture® and automated remarketing come to save the day.

Capture® will show you a way out of losing stalled or stopped website leads. Our innovative remarketing software is a game-changer by backing up your retargeting efforts with real-time lead data. Capture® collects a variety of website visitor data, including information as customers type in your forms, and then uses this highly targeted data to launch automated remarketing campaigns to drive lost visitors back and increase your conversions. 

Capture’s  45-Day Test Results


Abandoned Forms


Converion Rate


New Customers


Average order

$1.7 Million

Additional Revenue


CPA Reduction

+$20 Million

Projected Yearly Revenue

Our Awesome Team Is Ready To Help You Grow!

Our highly skilled development team, customer service and executives
are dedicated to your success.

Tom Ling

CEO & Co-Founder

Peter Norton

CIO & Co-Founder

Jessica Medina

Vice President of Sales & Marketing Teams

Brian Pham

Director of Development Teams

Postcard & PPC Retargeting

Postcard Retargeting

Automatically send postcards to your lost website visitors.

Pay Per Click Retargeting

Bring together the power of Google Adwords and Capture by automatically retargeting your website leads with personalized Ads.

Ready to see the power of data Capture?

With the right email remarketing software and captured leads
you can bring your prospects back

With lead data at your fingertips, you can personalize your offerings and boost your conversion rates. Capture® seamlessly integrates with the most popular CRM platforms, Google Ads accounts, and marketing solutions for an all-encompassing effect. This empowers you to:

  • Launch automated email remarketing campaigns to target leads who have just left your site
  • Tailor your Google Ads to reach customers when they search elsewhere, and build custom audiences similar to people that have visited your site to expand your reach.
  • Automatically start direct mail campaigns with physical postcards and reach your website traffic at their mailbox.
  • Build your email contact base with valuable prospect data to grow your reach.

You can check out Capture®’s  functionality at no cost. Our paid plans do unlock some advanced features, but you can still access the Capture® dashboard and try our services for free.

Sign up to see Capture® in action. Let our software skyrocket your remarketing services and make sure your prospects come back to you!