Capture® Announces New Integration Partner with Blitz Sales Software

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Capture® and Blitz Sales Software integrate 

Capture Blitz Sales Software

  • Capture® broadens its integrated partner portfolio with another strong partner. 
  • The integration allows Capture® users to nurture leads within Blitz. 

Anheim, California- Today, Capture® powered by MOVology and Blitz Sales Software formally announced that their new integration is now live. Capture® is a web form abandonment-based automated remarketing platform. Blitz Sales Software is a web-based CRM that automates manual tasks so that users can focus on what’s important, like closing deals.

“The power of Capture®‘s lead abandonment combined with Blitz Sales Software creates a new opportunity to connect with more leads and close additional sales. We’re excited to partner with Capture®“. 

  • Mark Moss, Product, Brand, and Partner Analyst 

Capture® is used in a variety of industries to obtain leads from website visitors who begin filling out web forms, but don’t complete them. Users can not only track website traffic, but view and capture incomplete leads and then automatically deploy personalized emails and physical postcard remarketing campaigns to nurture and bring back leads to grow conversions. With our latest integration with Blitz Sales Software, Capture® users can now also push their abandoned web forms into Blitz to re engage prospects and obtain new customers. 

“We have a passion for growing a company’s revenues and innovating marketing communications.  Partnering with Blitz is exciting, as it brings together our core values with a like-minded client-focused company to help more clients succeed”.

-Peter Norton, CIO

MOVology LLC began as a digital media servicing company, founded by Tom Ling and Peter Norton in 2011, and is based in Anaheim California. Since then, MOVology LLC has obtained 6 fully issued patents centered around web form and GPS abandonment, as well as automated remarketing. 

Double A Solutions​, is a SaaS company that works within multiple industries providing software solutions that meet the needs of its customers. Blitz Sales Software is a subsidiary of the holding company that is designed to manage and automate sales activities. Double A Solutions also has 3 other portfolio companies. Aline Phone Systems, is a B2B VoIP Phone Service Provider that serves various industries and allows users to work from anywhere. Call Logic is a TCPA compliant auto dialing software. Janitorial Manager is a custodial management software for the cleaning industry.



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