The Importance Of Marketing Email Creative

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Email creative is often the “first impression” that your business makes in someones inbox.  When you’re remarketing to website visitors or communicating with your loyal customer base your email creative speaks to your audience as much, if not more, than the words you use.  Here are some ways to optimize your creative for improving conversions. 

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What Is the Email Creative?

Email creative consists of the creative visual and text content that make up your email marketing.  There are many strategies and techniques when it comes to email creative strategy to help with deliverability, communications and ultimately conversions and sales.

Why Is Customizing Email So Important?

Customizing the email sent to those who leave the site gives a personalized touch to your contacts with your remarketing efforts. By not receiving a simple form letter, your site visitors may feel more inclined to respond to the email. Creating a custom email can make a difference in the responsiveness of the recipients.

How to Customize the Email Creative

There are several ways to customize the email used for remarketing and marketing.  Many CRM platforms, like Hubspot, have built in email creators that help you create strategic emails with images, videos, live links and content in an easy to use drag and drop method.  Other teams choose to have a full creative team on staff to develop and code highly customized emails with variability.  Our Capture® team is on standby to help with email creative consultation, provide a design team and coding if needed.   

Start Using Automated Remarketing and Customizing your Email Creatives Today

If you want to get more people to return to your site instead of losing them after their initial visit, you need to retarget them. One effective way of doing that is with Automated Remarketing that can generate an average of 10% to 15% more conversions and get back lost revenue from abandoned carts.

Start the process by signing up today and begin to customize your email creative to more effectively target site visitors and increase your ad efficacy.

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