What Is Conversion Rate and Why Is It So Important?

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Learning about the basics of automated remarketing helps you to understand the importance of integrating this technology into your website. One of the most important aspects of marketing is the conversion rate. This statistic gives you an idea of how well the remarketing methods you use are working.

What Is the Conversion Rate?

Conversions are at the heart of the conversion rate. A conversion occurs when you target someone with an ad, and then they sign up for a newsletter, make a purchase, or conduct another desired action with your company.

The conversion rate, according to Google Ads, comes from how many conversions your company has divided by how many people its ads targeted. If you don’t change the number of people you target with your ads, increasing conversions will naturally raise the corresponding rate.

When you use Automated Remarketing, you can increase the number of conversions. For example, if you target 1,000 people with an ad campaign and 300 individuals visit your site, 75 visitors start to fill out your newsletter form but abandon it, and 25 successfully complete sign up for the newsletter, your conversion rate is 25/1,000 or 2.5%. However, if you send emails to those 75 who abandoned the form through Automated Remarketing and get another 15 to return to your site and complete signing up for a newsletter, you’ve increased the rate to 4%.

Why Are Conversions Important?

Conversions are crucial to companies because raising this number reduces the amount needed for advertising. While targeting people is part of marketing, you may need to make a secondary outreach to those whom you’ve already targeted through remarketing. Doing so increases the conversion rate you get from your initial advertising campaign.

What Is a Typical Conversion Rate with Automated Remarketing?

While conversion rates may vary, Automated Remarketing users typically see rates of 10% to 15%. Some may even see higher numbers, depending on the effectiveness of their email creatives and other factors. When using Automated Remarketing takes only five minutes and can add so many conversions to your numbers, why not use it?

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