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You may know that Capture® is a unique tool that can capture your website visitor data, and help you utilize it through emails sent with automated remarketing, and other strategies. However, you may not know about the types of emails that go out and how to customize them. By knowing more about the types of emails you send for remarketing and their frequency, you will gain the power to better control all communications you have with your potential customers.

How Capture® Collects Emails

With Capture®’s robust technology we are able to customize the various levels of data collection our clients desire.   As soon as someone starts to fill out a form on the website is a great way to determine high intent visitors, since we know that the majority of people (81% according to Manifest’s survey) start filling out a form and do not complete it.  Capture® can begin data collection the moment someone comes to your website, creating a sophisticated ability to enhance and segment the data for remarketing. 

With Capture®’s automated email remarketing platform you can send a series of email to them incentivizing them to return and increase your conversion. Additionally, the captured emails from our system can go directly into your marketing system for continued nurturing.

Content of Emails Sent for Remarketing Purposes and Other Site Owner Options

While you can use a standard form, customizing your emails is a better option that will make the experience more personalized for the contacts. You can create your own email and upload it through the Capture® dashboard. However, for those who have never created automated remarketing emails before, you can call one of our marketing specialists for individualized assistance in designing your message.

In addition to choosing the content of the emails sent, you can also customize how many emails you send and where you send them from. Preferably, you would send at least two emails to those who may miss the first and use your own domain. We provide all the information to set up remarketing emails

Opting Out and Other Customer Options for Emails in Automated Remarketing

Customers always have the option to opt out of emails. Every email sent will include an unsubscribe option. This button on the emails ensures the messages stay in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act. This act governs the content of emails used for marketing purposes to ensure the recipients clearly understand who sent the messages and why. Misleading titles or from fields are prohibited. 

Stop Losing Revenue and Leads by Creating Customized Remarketing Emails for Your Site

You don’t have to lose out of revenue from leads that come to your website and leave. With Capture® and automated remarketing strategies, you can see a conversion rate of 10% to 15% or greater and recovered shopping revenue of up to 30%.

Customized emails Sent with automated remarketing help bring consumers back and work to grow your conversions. This process lets you adhere to the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act while giving your potential customers a personalized message. With Capture®, you can deploy emails, postcards, and integrate google Ads to optimize your remarketing. Embrace these options to get the most from our automated remarketing system. For more information on Capture, sign up today.


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