Automated Remarketing and CCPA Compliance

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When it comes to marketing, businesses that do operations in California must consider new regulations in the state. Among these is California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Don’t worry about using Capture® for automated remarketing on your site. We’ve taken care to ensure CCPA compliance with our product.

What Is CCPA?

CCPA is the California Consumer Privacy Act. This law, passed in 2018, provides consumers with four main rights when it comes to how businesses use their personal information. Companies also must let consumers know how they use information to meet the requirements of this act.

In brief, the four pillars of the CCPA are consumers’ rights to the following:

  • Know how companies collect and use their personal information
  • Delete information collected by businesses
  • Opt-out of having their personal information sold
  • Not experience discrimination for wielding these CCPA rights

Not all businesses fall under the requirements for CCPA compliance. Those companies that have gross earnings of $25 million or more, collect or sell consumer information for more than 500,000 California residents, or make at least 50% of their earnings from selling information.

How Is Capture® CCPA Compliant?

Capture® uses several methods to ensure CCPA compliance. Capture® does collect personal information on designated web forms, and our clients are required to disclose that their site uses tracking software for their visitors.  The information that consumers input into forms or carts on our site, we can trace through our responsibly sourced data bases.

For instance, we get visitor information from our Capture® data base that includes public information and opt-in track surveys. We will also use third-parties to collect information about site visitors. However, we only use vendors who have privacy policies that meet our strict requirements for protecting consumers.

Also, information gathered from these parties either came directly from the consumers through opt-in submissions or is combined and anonymized to protect the privacy of personal identification information.

Lastly, we require those who use our product to offer consumers the ability to have their information forgotten and never used or to not have it sold.

Incorporate Capture® on Your Website to Increase Conversions While Meeting CCPA Compliance Requirements

If you want a tracking option that meets California’s strict privacy requirements, try Capture®. By collecting information when a visitor abandons a form or cart, we use the data to send them a reminder email to complete their task on your site. This automated remarketing method can increase your conversions by 10% to 15% or more. Sign up today to start using Capture®’s automated remarketing tool on your website.

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