Best Remarketing Strategies of 2020

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While 2020 is nearly over, don’t let it end without implementing some of the best remarketing strategies of the year. Integrating some or all of these into your campaigns may improve your return on advertising investments and increase the leads that you generate.

Make the Web Work for You with Retargeting

One of the most commonly used forms of advertising online is through retargeting. This method uses data collected from site visitors to create ads on other websites, such as Facebook or Google, to match their browsing history.

Many of these retargeting methods allow you to customize them to reach specific customers. For instance, you could put up a limited quantity warning on a product the site visitor looked at in your online store. Or, you might offer a promotion code to return to your site. Some companies use retargeting to only show ads for their site based on people who abandoned carts or made purchases in the past.

While general ads bring people to your website, retargeting gets them to come back through carefully designed ads. 

You can even take this one step further by adding sophisticated retargeting and audience expansion using your abandoned web traffic to create targeted audience builds to increase your reach through Capture®. 

Don’t Neglect Your Social Media

With people in the United States spending over 2 hours a day on social media, this is a top remarketing strategy that contributes to a substantial amount of both reoccuring revenue, new revenue and brand loyalty.  Meet your clients where they spend their time, and hyper target those best suited for your product.

Create New Leads Through Automated Remarketing Strategies

Not everyone who visits your site will have time to complete cart checkout or finish contact forms. Therefore, you should use an automated remarketing program to send reminder messages to these visitors to maximize your new lead creation.

Capture® has an automated remarketing system that works in the background of your site to collect information from forms or carts. If a visitor abandons either, they receive a friendly email that you create to request they return to finish their business on your site.

Avoid Neglect or Overloading Visitors

While putting several ads in front of site visitors can remind them to return, you don’t want to overload them. If they see too many of your ads, they may learn to block them out, preventing them from wanting to return to your site.

Similarly, don’t ignore visitors to your site without sending some type of ad or message to them. Make sure that you use some type of retargeting campaign with ads or remarketing with emails to reach out to visitors. You don’t want them to become lost leads or leave abandoned purchases.

Start with the Simplest Remarketing Strategies

The easiest way to get started with the best remarketing strategies is to integrate automated remarketing into your site. Sign up for Capture now to make your website more profitable and create more new leads within minutes.

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