GDPR Compliance and Automated Remarketing

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If you know about marketing and privacy laws, you may have heard about GDPR. Find out about Capture® and our automated remarketing solution and what we are doing about GDPR compliance. You may be surprised about how GDPR affects Capture®’s marketing technique.

What Is GDPR Compliance?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This set of rules governing privacy and security of personal information are the toughest in the world with harsh penalties for companies that violate them.

Companies that handle any private information of residents or citizens of the European Union (EU) must meet GDPR compliance. Therefore, even companies not based in the EU that still handle EU residents’ information must still meet these requirements.

The main components of the GDPR govern the following:

  • Data protection requires keeping information updated, at a minimum, properly stored, and legally processed
  • Accountability requires companies to provide GDPR compliance
  • Data security covers the technology used to keep information protected from hackers or unauthorized access
  • Consent requires those who have their information used to provide full consent

These requirements for companies are strictly enforced. Consequently, companies that need to meet the requirements for GDPR compliance take their roles seriously.

How Does Capture®’s Automated Remarketing Meet GDPR Compliance?

Capture® collects personal information from website visitors who have a full disclosure on the site that they are being tracked. However, because the websites and information collected and aggregated by Capture® only comes from American consumers, the company does not need to meet GDPR compliance requirements.

Not needing to be compliant with EU data privacy protection and security rules does not mean that Capture® neglects these. In fact, we work hard to meet similarly strict requirements set forth by the state of California in its California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). This law requires responsible sourcing and use of consumer information with individuals retaining rights to opt-out of having their data used or sold.

For anyone concerned about the privacy of their site visitors, Capture® meets privacy requirements while balancing data gathering for remarketing purposes.

What Does Capture® Do?

Capture® is an automated remarketing method that uses tracking options on websites to gather data consumers fill out on forms or for their shopping carts. We supplement this information with publically available data and information from places that consumers opted into. With this data, we will send an email to the visitor to request that they finish filling out the form on the site they did not complete or check out the shopping cart they left.

Our method proves successful with companies getting an average of 10% to 15% more conversions using Capture® at

Find Out About Making Automated Remarketing an Addition to Your Website for More Leads

If you want to try Capture® on your website to see how well it works, sign up for free. Within five minutes, you can have Capture® running on your site and helping you to recover revenue and leads. With our privacy protections for those whose information we gather, our Capture® software stands out as a responsible tool for marketing.

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