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Service businesses rely on setting appointments to make money, in today’s post we want to teach you how to get more appointments to help your sales grow. When you get leads your website many people who start to fill out appointment request forms may stop the process too soon. Form abandonment does not need to mean missed opportunities. In fact, through remarketing, you can increase your appointments with little effort on your part.

Why Form Abandonment Happens

Form abandonment happens when a site visitor starts to fill in a form, but for whatever reason do not complete it. Sometimes, people become distracted and click away. In other instances, they may encounter technical issues on the site that prevent them from completing the form.   Other abandonments may happen when a visitor decides that they don’t have the time to finish all the fields required and think that they will return later, or life happens and the kids start screaming….who knows, but it happens more than 60% of the time.

In conclusion, form abandonment does not always mean that someone has no interest in submitting their information. On the contrary, a lack of time or attention could draw them away from finishing the form. Therefore, if you have a way of bringing these visitors back to your site, you could increase the number of completed forms and appointments that you set.

How to Get More Appointments from Form Abandonment

Instead of letting abandoned forms disappear into the internet, you have a way of converting them into appointments. With automated remarketing from Capture® you can capture your abandoned forms, and create automated remarketing campaigns to drive them back.

As soon as someone starts to put information into a form, Capture® begins to collect their data. If they submit the form, nothing else happens. However, if they leave the form incomplete, Capture® will send an email with a link to the form as a gentle reminder for them to return to the site to complete the form.

For many projects, you can see a 10% to 15% rate of conversion, which means more completed appointment forms and added revenue to your company.

Try Out Capture® At No Cost

Capture® offers various pricing tiers for complex websites that host multiple forms. However, you can try out this technology for free. If you like your experience, you can upgrade to a more full-featured version of the software to allow for increasing appointments from form abandonments on numerous websites or to customize emails. Why let form abandonment stand in the way of your appointments? Use Capture® to increase your appointments and revenue with ease.

About Us

Capture® is a MOV•ology™ Company that provides real-time automated web form abandonment solutions to increase ROI using our Patented Technology Platform.

(US Patents 9,280,531, 9,286,282, 9,589,281 & 10,042,838).

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