How To Get Leads, Despite Uncertain Times

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During these uncertain times, many businesses and customers want to wait before making decisions. However, you can still generate leads. When times make people extra cautious about making business commitments, use these tips to get more leads from your website.

Think About Changes in Your Target Market

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As many changes as you have experienced, your target audience has also had life and work upheavals. You need to think about how these changes have impacted their buying habits and needs. For example, if you offer home services, your target audience may have an increased need for your business. People are spending more time in their homes and noticing where improvements need to be made. Therefore, they may have a greater demand for home repairs and services. Make any changes you need to your marketing messages to address the new normal for your customers.

Generate Value-Added Products for More Leads

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People will be more likely to fill out a contact form and generate a lead if they can get something in return. The more valuable the product is, the more likely they will complete a form. Target the products toward your audience to get the greatest effect.

For instance, you could have an e-book ghostwritten or hire a designer to make an infographic with information that your customers need to know. House painters could create an infographic that helps their potential customers to learn about color coordination and pairing. Or plumbers could have a flow chart outlining when to make a DIY repair or when to call a professional plumber.

Another option that you could consider is an informational video that you offer to those who fill out a lead form. You can record a video yourself with insider tips that your customers will value, upload it as a private video to YouTube, and share the link to those who fill out a contact form.

These options can help your site to generate more leads by making people want to fill in your contact form.

Don’t Lose Leads

Lastly, make sure that your efforts to get leads don’t go to waste. Automated remarketing from Capture® can help you to get more leads because you won’t lose as many to abandonment. Signing up for Capture® costs nothing and takes just a few minutes. You can see how the technology works for yourself before you decide if you want a premium package for your site.

With Capture®, your website sends an email to anyone who does not complete a form that they start to fill out. These emails can increase your conversions from lost forms to leads by up to 15%.

Try Out Capture for Free to Generate More Leads

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If you want to try Capture®, sign up for a free trial. Your marketing efforts can be more effective, and you will avoid losing leads. During these uncertain times, make sure that you have every advantage possible for creating more leads. Capture® can help you with one aspect of that.

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