How to Revive Old Leads

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Don’t neglect your old leads, revive them! Just because you haven’t connected with them in a while does not mean that they cannot become active again. You must find ways to reach out to bring your old leads back into your campaigns. Marketing to these groups will not follow the same strategy that you use to capture new leads. However, you’re already halfway to success since you already have the information from those in this group and a previous connection with them.

Connect Gently, Professionally, and Directly Revive Leads

You don’t want to be too formal or casual when you reconnect via email with former leads. Maintain a business-like yet friendly tone in your reconnection emails. However, don’t waste too much time with introductions. Make your emails short and to the point. Your former leads don’t want to have their time wasted. Therefore, part of the point your email reconnection should make is how you can benefit them.

Offer Valuable Information or Promotions to Revive Old Leads

If you want old leads to return, provide valuable information to them that you might not offer to new contacts. Consider including a link to newsletter content, a white paper, or promotion code for your online store. These rewards for returning to do business with you can restore your old leads into active ones.

Learn About Why Old Leads Become Old

If possible, including in newsletters polls on how your marketing can improve and retain leads. Use gentle reminders to request that your old leads complete these polls to find out how you need to change your marketing strategy.

Use the Information You Gather On Leads

If your old leads told you that your campaigns were too high pressure, lower your tactical pressure and make your emails friendlier. Include a single call to action instead of multiple, and create content that focuses on other topics related to your product rather than directly promoting only what you sell.

Additionally, gather as much information about your leads’ demographics to see if there are common factors among those who stop using your site. Do you need to change your marketing to ensure that older people or those from specific industries continue to use your site or products?

Include Automated Remarketing in Your Campaigns

Potentially lost leads can convert into active ones by using Capture®‘s automated remarketing. You can also use this method to reconnect to old leads that visit your site and leave it before completing cart checkouts or forms.

Make the most of old leads, lost leads, and potential leads with an effective marketing campaign. Sign up for Capture® today to integrate automated remarketing into your campaigns.

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