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Google Ads Integration with Capture® Using Customer Match

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In this article we want to cover all things that will help you use and maximize your Google Ads Integration with Capture®.  Google Ads can reach your customers when they browse the internet and send them to your site. An appeal of this marketing option is its numerous ways to customize the way ads target your audience. One effective choice through Google is Customer Match.

This option uses the information that you supply about your existing customers. It then applies this to Google’s advertising to target your audience. The system can also reach out to people similar to your existing customers. With Customer Match, your ads appear where your customers use the internet. Additionally, some Google Ads Customer Match options include personalized ads in your audience’s Gmail inboxes.

You could spend valuable time creating a list of all your contacts to send to Google for your campaign. However, your time should go toward more profitable endeavors, like running your business. Instead of doing the hard work, turn it over to Capture® to automate the process of running your Customer Match campaign in Google Ads.

How Capture® Works with Google Ads’ Customer Match

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Capture® gathers information about your site’s users, particularly those who do not complete forms or complete checkout of their shopping carts. The information gathered only includes contact data. Capture® does not collect information that could harm users such as passwords, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and social security information.

With your Google Ads Integration with CaptureIf you can set it up to run your Google Ads Customer Match program, the information collected from Capture® will go to Google each evening. This process generates an audience list with its own ID that you can review the following day.

Should you already have an audience list in Customer Match from the information that you had previously input into the system, you can add that data to the audience list created by the Capture® list. Simply choose the audience ID of your information and update the new list by adding the ID.

With Capture®, your Google Ads Customer Match listing updates regularly without requiring you to put in any effort beyond the initial setup.

How to Start Making Google Ads Work for You

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You pay for ads to reach your customer base. But to be more effective, the program needs information about your customers and those who visit your site. Capture® does that job effortlessly. Price tiers start at $0 for a free trial. You can choose more premium features to work best for your site. These features, such as third-party integrations, increase the price based on how many options you have.  Sign up today to get started on a way to make Google Ads work better for you.

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