How to Write Killer Remarketing Emails

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Remarketing emails and strategies are crucial to continued growth and an efficient ROI.  Check out these tips for writing an eye-catching remarketing email, you can effectively communicate to readers and convert them into leads.

Send Remarketing Emails Based on Site Visitor Experience

Don’t just use the same remarketing emails for every purpose. You should customize the messages based on what the visitor did. For instance, if they left an abandoned cart, address that in the email message. However, if they left a form incomplete, reference that in the message. Customizing emails based on what the site visitor did before leaving will increase the chances of getting their attention.

Make the Subject Line Interesting

Don’t use a generic subject line about your company. You should make the subject line interesting and clickable. Have the subject line pose a question that the email will answer, such as “Did you miss something?” for a cart abandonment email. Or “Did you forget something?” for a form completion message.

Use Images in All Remarketing Emails 

A picture is worth more than words can say. Using images in your email message increases the professionalism of your email and makes the reader more likely to engage with the email. If a customer left a cart without purchasing, use images of the abandoned items. For those who did not finish a form, include an eye-catching image to remind them to return to finish the form.

Have a Clear Call to Action in the Email

Let the reader know exactly what you want them to do after reading the email by having a clear call to action that the reader can easily follow. For instance, put a link to the form for completion or to the abandoned shopping cart to ensure they finish their order.

Integrate Automated Remarketing into Your Email Lists and Other Marketing Campaigns

To get started, you need Capture for automated remarketing. Set up Capture to gather information from unfinished forms or abandoned carts, and integrate the program into your other marketing solutions, such as mailchimp or Google Ads. Then, compose emails based on the type of visitor experience. Next, let Capture take over the rest of the process to send out emails once a visitor to the site leaves an abandoned cart or form.

By signing up for Capture and setting up automated remarketing, you could see conversion rates of up to 15%. Some of our customers may even get higher conversions. Additionally, all you have to do is set up the process and emails to take advantage of this extra means of getting more leads for your business.

Make the most of your automated remarketing by signing up and creating eye-catching, engaging remarketing emails that have clear calls to action for those reading the messages.

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