How To Improve on Current Marketing Trends in the Financial Services Industry

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Improve on Current Marketing Trends for the Financial Services Industry

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Companies in the financial services industry require highly focused marketing to reach their intended targets. After all, many services cater to specific groups, such as those of various income brackets looking to invest or middle-class people looking for home loans. To ensure that the desired groups come to your site and become conversions, you need a multifaceted marketing approach. Your marketing should include the latest trends and tools, such as automated remarketing, that improve upon those.

Current Marketing Trends for the Financial Services Industry

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Marketing trends for the financial services industry embrace the latest technology to reach potential clients. For example, using data to identify which groups to target helps to make the most of each marketing dollar. Data analytics, segmentation and even enhancements all play a vital role in helping you utilize data intelligently to target your prospects.

Another trend for the financial services industry is putting ads in new formats. For instance, mobile and video marketing are increasing in use as clients use their cell phones and watch online videos more often. Finding ways to integrate these new marketing methods into existing techniques ranked as a top concern for 50% of marketing managers in the financial services industry.

However, traditional content marketing remains a staple to boost both customer relationships and brand awareness. Additionally, social media marketing retained its top spot for the most important marketing activity from 2018 to 2019.

Once You Have Website Visitors, Keep Them Engaged

These marketing trends in the industry bring visitors to your website. But, once they get there, you must make navigation simple for them to find the information they need while spending as much time engaged with the site as possible.

Integrating interesting, relevant information into the site ensures that visitors stay longer to browse your options. Also, the more engaged they are and the more valuable they find the information you present about your financial services, the more likely they will complete contact forms.

Avoid Losing Visitors

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Even the most interested visitors can become distracted while filling out contact forms. For those who abandon their forms, you need a way to give them a reminder to return to finish their work. Automated remarketing sends a message to anyone who does not finish a form on your site. The email includes a link to return to your site’s form. In a 45-day study of Capture’s automated remarketing technology, we saw a 25.5% conversion rate

Discover More About Automated Remarketing for the Financial Services Industry

If you want to integrate automated remarketing into your financial services website, let us know. Contact Capture for more information or to schedule a free demo. Our tools include retargeting via mail and email and integration with existing ad services. With these options, Capture helps you to improve your conversion rate significantly. Plus, automated remarketing makes the most of the marketing methods you currently use.

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