Mailchimp Integration and Automated Remarketing

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With Capture® you can integrate the information gathered into email campaigns. Mailchimp integration is how Capture® helps to make your website’s tools work with each other. Therefore, the result of combining these is a reduced workload for you. Embrace more time for your business and less time spent on your website and marketing campaigns. The power of Capture® with Mailchimp integration allows you to have this luxury.

Mailchimp Integration: What You Never Knew Automated Remarketing Could Do

You may already recognize automated remarketing as a tool to recover leads from users who abandon forms on your site. But, Capture® does more than increase conversions by up to 15%. It can also make your email campaigns more powerful with Mailchimp integration.

Mailchimp is a marketing tool that sends emails out to your leads. However, you have to have contact information to use it. Gathering email addresses and more is what automated remarketing does. So, by directly adding these captured emails to your Mailchimp contacts, you increase your marketing audience effortlessly.

How to Use the Mailchimp Integration Option with Capture®

If you have both Mailchimp and Capture®, you can combine their attributes together. First, you set up Capture® to gather information from abandoned forms on your site. Next, log onto the dashboard and select Mailchimp integration. Finally, go to the forms tab to add forms you want Capture® to follow. Now, all your abandoned leads will go directly to Mailchimp.

From Mailchimp, you use the contacts as you would any other. In fact, you can customize contact lists and use the system’s tools as you normally would. And the only difference is the increased leads you have in your contacts thanks to Capture®.

Why You Should Consider Integrations as a Part of Your Marketing Plan

Using only completed forms to build your marketing contacts list poses problems. For instance, you can only gather so much information from completed forms. Sometimes, people want to complete forms on your website but lack the time or attention to do so. In most instances, these abandoned forms would cost you valuable user information. But, with automated remarketing, you can get those lost leads back. Capture® sends an email to users who leave incomplete forms. The message gently reminds them that they should finish filling out the information. As a result, our success rate for having people return ranges from 10% to 15%.

The emails that we collect from incomplete forms add to your contact list, therefore easily increasing its length. Without Capture®’s technology, you would not have those addresses to market to. Increasing your email marketing audience raises the chances of success with your campaign.

Try Our Automated Remarketing System with Mailchimp Integration

If you are interested in automated remarketing and want to see how it works for improving form completions, sign up for a free trial. After the trial, you can choose a premium version of the program. These premium options include adding more forms to track, using Capture® on multiple websites, and Mailchimp integration. Combining Capture® and Mailchimp is a smart move that will save you time and boost your marketing effectiveness. Try this combination out today, and see how much time you can save on your marketing efforts.  You can access the Mailchimp integration when you create an account HERE.

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