Marketing Strategies for Auto Insurance

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While most auto insurance agents work for large companies, they often act independently and must drive sales by getting people to their websites. For instance, you may be an independent agent selling insurance from the top agency in the industry, State Farm, or the number four company, Allstate. While people may already know the big company names, you need to use marketing strategies to make internet users associate you as a trusted auto insurance agent. Double-check your strategy to ensure that you are meeting the following marketing goals, including using automated remarketing to improve your conversions.

Internet Marketing Basics for Auto Insurance Agents

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Though you may feel overwhelmed by marketing online, you don’t have to be. Reaching your customers online is similar to how you connect with them in the real world. You want to put your name and face in front of them whenever they may think about auto insurance.

For example, if you don’t already have a website and social media pages, start with those. Today’s customers, in fact, no longer use traditional methods of finding businesses. In 2011, 70% of consumers had never used the yellow pages to find local businesses. This number has likely only increased in recent years.

Having an advanced website and internet presence also mean more income for your auto insurance business. In Deloitte survey in 2018, small businesses with the most fully-featured websites had four times the revenue of those who lacked a web presence.

In addition to your website and social media presence, make sure that you purchase ad space online to get your name out there to drive people to your site. You can also use social media as an ad space where you present information to potential customers to get them to link to your auto insurance portal on the web.

Don’t Miss Out on Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing is just as crucial now as having a desktop site. In fact, many consumers use their phones to access the internet. If you have a mobile site, you could average 15% more clicks than with a traditional site. Adding a mobile app can increase your sales even more. In fact, if your customers use your mobile app, they will be 46% less likely to go elsewhere to shop. By improving your mobile site and app, you reach your customers wherever they go. They can access information about your business from their phones.


What Is Automated Remarketing and Can It Help Your Auto Insurance Site

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While you work hard to build an internet presence and use ads to get people to explore auto insurance coverage options on your site, you want to keep people there. Automated remarketing is a tool that brings people back to your website if they abandon a form. It sends them an email with a link back to your site. The consumer can return to your site when they have time to finish the form and give you another contact.

Try Capture for Free

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Small business owners, such as yourself, need to make the most of every dollar they invest. To be certain that Capture can help your business, you can use it for free to monitor a single form on one website. If you want advanced options with Capture’s automated remarketing service, you can easily upgrade your version. Sign up today to see what automated remarketing can do for your auto insurance site.

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