Retargeting Website Leads in a New Way

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People who visit your website don’t live on the internet, that means how you are retargeting website leads to reach them is vital. Your marketing methods should not only target them online. Using retargeting methods outside the web will help increase the number of those who complete your site’s forms. By extension, this method could raise the number of those who potentially become customers of your company. Discover more about this outside-the-email-box method of bringing visitors back to your site.

Why Email Alone Won’t Work 

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Though emailing site visitors often works, it does not reach everyone. According to a survey in 2017 of Adobe customers, respondents decreased the amount of time they spent checking emails. Survey results showed drops of 36% and 20% for personal and work emails, respectively. Additionally, people frequently check their emails while doing something else. A majority, 69%, do it while watching television or a movie. Therefore, even if you do connect with a potential customer through email, you may not grab their attention as you intend.

Direct Mail Retargeting Website Leads May Be More Effective Than You Thought

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With people are spending less time on emails and given them only divided attention retargeting website leads in their mailbox is a great way to stand out from the crowd.   61% of consumers in the same 2017 Adobe survey still preferred email contact, so ensuring a multi-channel approach is the best way to keep your message front and center. While you can reach these people through email, it still leaves a large percentage that you do not connect with. Additionally, consumers are changing how they prefer companies contact them. In 2020, 73% of Americans wanted direct mail to read at their leisure.

In fact, direct mail may be more effective than email because 90% of direct mail messages gets opened by the recipient, compared to no more than 30% of marketing emails.

When using postcard retargeting with email remarketing, you can increase conversion rates to 40% and website visits to 68%.

What Is Retargeting Website Leads?

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Postcard retargeting is another method of reconnecting with visitors to your website who may have started forms and failed to complete them. Because many forms request home addresses, Capture collects this information to allow you to reach out to the visitors in a novel way.

To make your marketing more effective, make sure that it matches your targets’ interests. If someone has visited your site and started to fill in a form, they have already shown interest in your brand. By reaching out through the mail, you can connect with them in a surprising, personalized way.

Try Capture to See How Retargeting and Remarketing Can Improve Your Site’s Effectiveness

If you want to see how well postcard retargeting works for your company, connect with us at Capture today. You can combine postcard deliveries with email messages to reach your potential customers wherever they are. To make the process even easier, you can integrate Capture with Mail Chimp, Google Ads, and more. Sign up for Capture today to try it out and get the most out of your website through automated remarketing and postcard retargeting.



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