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If you rely on forms to generate leads, you should keep the fields limited in number. The shorter the form, the more like a site visitor will fill it out. However, even if you have short forms, you can still lose leads. Integrating remarketing can make your short forms even more effective at generating leads.

Why Short Forms Work Best

For lead generation, you want the most basic information from a site visitor. You don’t need them to complete a full survey of their demographics. In fact, the less time that a visitor needs to spend to complete a form, the lower the chance is that they will abandon it due to a lack of time.

However, with everything, there is a price to pay. While short forms create the greatest number of leads, they don’t make for the most informative leads. But, once you have converted a visitor into a contact, you can get more information from them through future forms and surveys.

With shorter forms, you can get more people on your contacts list. Later, you can focus on finding out more about their demographics and buying information as you continue your correspondence with them. 

What Remarketing Can Do for Short Forms and Lead Generation

Even if a visitor only has to fill in their name and email address, they may fail to verify their email or forget to click on the submit button. Regardless of why a customer does not finish the short forms on your site, you will lose them as a potential lead unless you reach out to them.

Automated remarketing makes this outreach effortless for you. For instance, you only have to set up Capture® to let it send emails automatically when someone fails to complete a form. This automated remarketing takes advantage of your short forms and makes them even better lead generators. Capture® frequently creates 10% to 15% conversion rates.

Find Out More About How Automated Remarketing Can Help You With Leads

Try out Capture® for free to find out for yourself how much of a difference in the number of leads that your website creates. With a five-minute setup, you can invest in creating more leads from your website’s existing short forms. Check it out today to discover new ways to get more from your website.

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