You are spending tons of time and money on various aspects of your marketing strategy, but within that don’t forget to the vital role that ReMarketing plays.  What is ReMarketing?  Well lets dive deeper into that!

Your website may not perform as expected when gathering customer information. In fact, many people may reach your site. But they may not finish filling in their information on your site’s contact forms. Unless you have a backup plan, these visitors will become lost to you. Your backup plan should include remarketing to get back some of those you lose.

What Is Remarketing?


According to Google, Remarketing is a way to connect with people who previously interacted with your website or mobile app. It allows you to strategically position your message in front of these audiences, thus helping you increase your brand awareness or remind those audiences to make a purchase

Break down the term and you get the prefix “re” and the word “marketing.” As an introduction to a word, “re” means again. When coupled with marketing, it means that you market your website a second time to people who have visited your site.

Why Your Site Needs ReMarketing 


Remarketing produces real results and help you get more conversions for your marketing spend, resulting in an overall better ROI. Tools like Capture®’s automated remarketing tool can get conversion rates between 10% and 15% or higher, using traffic that already has come to your site. These values reflect the number of lost sales that occur due to normal drop off.

By customizing your messages, you deliver tailored emails to visitors. Plus, you can build your email contact list with information generated by the software for continued marketing. 

How Capture®’s Automated Remarketing Works

Capture® uses a small code on your website that doesn’t bog down your site’s loading time or performance. The rest of the site works normally, and the code does nothing until someone begins working on a form within the site.

If the customer completes the form or transaction, nothing happens. But, if the visitor clicks away from the site without finishing their work, the code starts up. It will use information collected from the visitor to generate a personalized remarketing email to the visitor. 

Once the code activates, it delivers an email that you customize with a link to remind the site visitor to return to their unfinished cart or form. Often at least one in ten become conversions, returning to your site to become established contacts.

Try It Today At No Cost

Try out Capture® toda for a single form on your site for free. You can also choose premium options for a paid subscription. These options include the option for marketing again to those who have abandoned lead forms or for monitoring multiple forms or sites. With Capture®’s automated solution, remarketing becomes simple and almost effortless.

About Us

Capture® is a MOV•ology™ Company that provides real-time automated web form abandonment solutions to increase ROI using our Patented Technology Platform.

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