10 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Leads

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When you optimize your website you make your website start working harder for you. There are multiple ways that you can generate leads. But without a clear plan, you cannot put those methods to work. Use the following to guide you in your plan to optimize your website for more lead generation.

1. Add Forms to the Most-Visited Web Pages

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Examine the page views for your site and place forms on the most-visited web pages. Alternatively, you could put your forms that you refer to in your calls to action on all pages to reduce the need for visitors to search for them.

2. Incorporate Automated Remarketing

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Use automated remarketing to your advantage. Integrate this tool into your site to track visitors who fill out partial forms. The tool sends a reminder back to the visitors to return to the site. Depending on the caliber of the email request, this could have a conversion rate of 15%.

3. Use a Phone Number

Don’t neglect to add a phone number to your site. Many people still want to talk to a person, not send an email. Having a phone number gives these people the chance to connect with your business and become leads outside the website.

4. Add Testimonials to Build Credibility

Incorporate testimonials from your previous customers or clients to optimize your website. These bring your business and website legitimacy and boost your esteem in the minds of site visitors. A visitor who can trust your company will likely become a future customer.

5. Pare Down Your Form Fields

If generating leads requires visitors to fill out forms, make it as easy for them as possible. Cut down on unnecessary information fields in forms. Your visitors will be more likely to finish the form and you will have less data to juggle. Worry about gaining demographic information later. Focus on forms that will create leads.

6. Ensure Lead Privacy with Unsubscribe Opportunities 

Offer every visitor reassurance that they can unsubscribe from mailing lists or contact lists at any time. This disclaimer when they complete a form helps them to feel more comfortable about giving their information to your business.

7. Place the Forms Above the Fold

Don’t let your forms disappear at the bottom of the page. Most people don’t want to scroll through information when they want to get to the form. Place all forms on sites where visitors can see them. To use an old newspaper term, place these forms “above the fold,” which means in a position the reader will see when they first access the page.

8. Eliminate Surprises

Get rid of any surprises about what will happen when a visitor signs up for a contact list or fills out a form. Send them a thank-you email that outlines the next steps. Will the visitor be put onto a mailing list? Let them know how often the newsletters go out. Did the customer fill out a form for a free e-book or article? Describe how they can access that in the thank-you email.

9. Use Landing Pages Instead of a Home Page

Don’t use a home page for all your marketing campaigns. In fact, to optimize your website, send specific campaigns to different landing pages based on the target audience.

10. Measure Lead Generation Performance

Don’t forget to monitor how well your changes are working to generate leads. If the steps that you take to optimize your website don’t seem to increase leads as much as you want them to, change your tactics and try something else.

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