How Should You Use AI Tools For SMM Campaigns?

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Social media platforms provide you with many opportunities to interact with potential customers. With the proper use of these platforms, you can also identify their needs and promote your products and services. Innovative technologies have made using social networking sites for marketing programs easier. But, many marketers have not yet used Artificial Intelligence technology to run their social media marketing campaigns. However, using AI tools will give you fast, accurate, and automated social analytics. You will also have a meaningful insight into the social media campaign. Let us discuss different ways to use AI tools for an SMM campaign.

AI tools for an SMM campaign: How should you use these tools?

Sentiment analysis with AI

Sentiment analysis becomes easy with the right use of Artificial Intelligence. It leverages NLP (natural language processing) and computational linguistics to decode conversations intelligently. Structured data is convertible into natural language text, and you can easily evaluate it. 

Social media campaign management

Whether it is a B2B or B2C business, social media marketing enables you to connect with potential customers. But, it seems to be challenging to manage more than one platform at a time. That is why AI automation can come to your help. As a digital marketer, you can automate your everyday tasks-

  • Daily posting on social platforms
  • Managing social media posts
  • Engaging more customers
  • Monitoring social media users’ conversations.

Hootsuite and several other tools enable you to manage various social accounts from a single platform.

Analyze the market- Implement a social listening strategy

Social listening involves monitoring every social platform to check your brand mentions. You can also detect relevant keywords that let you know your customer behavior. Social listening tools help you beat your competitors, as you can develop the most valuable content for your target audience.

 Using advanced tools, you can also research the relevant market and collect data on how others react to your brand. You will learn about their views on your services or products.

For instance, if you have detected potential customer behavior patterns and other issues, you can develop content to serve their purpose. 

Create social media content with AI

In recent years, we have witnessed advancements in AI technology. Today, AI tools have the potential to develop content. So, you can also craft your social media content with AI applications. For example, you can generate content for ads and organic posts. The existing content can also be transformed into various formats using AI tools.

Streamline data analysis

Use AI to analyze your social media data more efficiently. You can understand correlations and patterns that may not be identified manually. If you think of running data-driven campaigns, AI tools will come to your help.

Some AI-powered tools enable SMM professionals to learn how their sales procedures are aligned with the target audience. 

AI for influencer marketing

Social media marketers have chosen AI as one of the latest technologies to run their influencer marketing. AI can monitor social media accounts and find the most engaging ones. So, you can also run an AI influencer marketing campaign.

Use AI for better customer services

You can implement conversational AI tools to manage your customer’s experience on different social networking platforms. Use an AI-powered chatbot to develop brand awareness and conduct surveys. Automated communication makes your customer care team more efficient. 

You do not need to create a big team of customer representatives because the bot will manage the fundamental questions of your potential customers. A quicker conversation will also satisfy your customers or visitors to your social media page. 

Is there any risk in using AI for your social media marketing campaign?

Some AI-powered platforms make mistakes and misunderstand user behavior. For instance, they may classify a relevant post as spam. In a few cases, the reader suspects it is a machine-written message due to over-customization.

Some of us think that AI tools for SMM campaigns will replace marketers. They can do most of our tasks efficiently. But, they will only affect the nature of your job. Not every activity can be automated. This is where you will find the need for manual campaign management. At the same time, you should be careful while choosing the automated application for your marketing campaign. Capture is an automated remarketing software with innovative features for marketers. Integrate other tools into it and make the best use of its functionality.

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