All About Automated Email Remarketing Campaigns

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An automated email remarketing campaign can increase your site’s conversions by reaching out to those your general marketing methods have already connected. By contacting those who already have an interest in your site, you need less effort to get them to return to make purchases or sign up for your email list. With Capture’s effective automated methods, you can see conversion rates of 10% to 15%. The secret to getting these types of results effortlessly is by integrating an automated remarketing campaign that uses tiny marketing pixels in the code to deliver the right messages to your site visitors.

What is the Cycle of Automated Email Remarketing?

The cycle of automated email remarketing is up to you, the site owner. You can dictate how many emails the system sends out and how often. However, you should not let your site visitors forget about the site, therefore, many experts recommend emails sent out 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours later. You can choose to deliver earlier emails, which may be more effective for form abandonment, or choose the suggested timeline for abandoned shopping carts.

What Happens an Hour After a Visitor Leaves the Site?

An hour after a visitor leaves the site without finishing a signup form or checking out their cart, they may still remember your site. Therefore, a reminder email at this time alerts them that there was something they forgot to do while letting them know that it is not too late to do it.

This type of email, which you can customize or use a template for, provides the site visitor with a gentle suggestion to finish their work.

What Happens 24 Hours After a Visitor Leaves?

You have the option to send the same email or a similar one 24 hours later. You also can integrate Google Ads with your automated email campaign to deliver tailored ads to your site visitors. This two-fold approach can have a more effective return than using one or the other method alone.

What Happens 36 to 48 Hours After a Visitor Leaves the Site?

Another day and a half to two days after a visitor leave the site is another good time to trigger a third automated email remarketing message to them. You may want to promote the benefits of signing up with your company’s mailing list, such as special newsletter perks like discounts or insider information. This incentive may encourage them to click the link to come back to your website.

To automatically send three emails to site visitors, you only had to set up the timing of the messages and the information used in them once. After that, Capture® automatically runs to collect data and send the emails on time. It’s one of the easiest ways to make more from your marketing efforts.

Make the Most of Automated Email Remarketing Campaigns with Capture®

Don’t let your marketing dollars go to waste by allowing site visitors to disappear. Use an automated email remarketing campaign to get them back. It’s easy when you have Capture® on your site. Sign up today to start using this powerful tool for remarketing or contact us to find out more.





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