Audience segmentation for retargeting: Best ways

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Best Ways To Make Audience Segmentation For Retargeting

Marketing is a way to persuade potential customers. Similarly, retargeting is an art, which aims at making your marketing campaign successful. When a user shows interest in your services, products, and brand, he becomes a warm lead. You anticipate that there is a high chance of converting this lead. So, it is thought that warm leads are better than cold leads. But, regardless of how hot the lead is, you need to be strategic to close the deal. You have to gather details of the user, and that is what you need for successful audience segmentation for retargeting.

Why do you need audience segmentation for retargeting campaigns?

The most important information essential for audience segmentation includes

  • Demographics
  • The source of your leads- Channels used by them
  • Type of interactions with your brand- Onsite versus off-site 

It lets you group the target users into a number of lists to increase the chance of a conversion. The details are also significant in identifying the right location and time for re-engagement. You can also understand the message to be delivered to your leads.

As a marketer, you have to find psychological triggers and let your potential customers take the desired actions. Have you heard about micro-moments? These are special moments when someone uses his device to watch, read, learn, and do something new. You can find a connection in micro-moments during your retargeting campaign.

Understand your target users’ needs to achieve success in your retargeting program.

How do you segment the audience for retargeting?

You should customize your retargeting strategy based on the way how users interact with your brand. Generic messaging will not work for your retargeting campaign. Some marketers mistakenly try to land all the leads onto the website’s homepage. However, you can segment lists according to the web pages visited by the lost leads.

Think users- Never focus too much on channels

In most cases, advertisers give high importance to channels to create their strategies. However, the best trick is to avoid paying high attention to these channels. You should give value to the target users. So, you must come out of your channel-centric mindset and find lots of opportunities.

It is normal that you will find the best result from your Facebook retargeting campaign. Still, why should you stick to that? You may easily create a list according to the source of your website traffic.

For instance, using Google Analytics, you can select traffic sources and campaigns. You can retarget users who are using Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook. But, it is also essential to boost your reach across YouTube and Display Network. Similarly, you will be able to retarget users referred by some affiliate websites.

Engage competitors’ uses in your retargeting campaign

It is a controversial topic for retargeting professionals. Some advertisers try to set up their campaigns in a way that they can target competitors.

You may have placed your bids on competitors. But, the most important step that you have missed out on is follow-up. You should follow up with users who have clicked on your ads. In most cases, advertisers try to measure performance by the number of direct conversions and shares on social media platforms

However, as you like to deal with the audiences of your competitors, you have to engage them in different ways.

Create a segment for a highly valuable audience

The term ‘persona’ is a common concept in the world of marketing. However, some of us think that creating a persona is a complicated task, as it involves much effort and time. 

But, by using your website analytics, you can create a good version of your buyer persona.

Use storytelling and sequential messaging for re-engagement

It is a myth that advertising campaigns involve one-dimensional communications. The target audience clicks on the ads that draw their interest. It makes marketers think that everything is done. But, what will you do when you have posted a number of advertisements connected to each other? Set up your brand story for the first ad. Each ad follows the previous one. You must be creative while configuring your advertisements in a storytelling way. Do everything from the audience’s standpoint. Create a different segment for your ads and check how users have seen and clicked your previous ads.

Target life events for your advertising strategy

You should use data and business knowledge for segment creation. According to life events, you can target audiences. Although the data is easily available for advertising campaigns, you have to create custom segments for retargeting advertisements. 

Based on your retargeting criteria, you can develop your new audience. It lets you reach out to your website visitors who are using different channels.

But, you should know why someone feels interested in your services and products. By learning this fact, you will be able to refine your messaging strategy. Your users will also get a personalized solution. 

Retarget users who have skipped transactions

Data on website searches can become the best resource, and you can collect useful information about your visitors. You will find out who has not been converted after browsing your website. It will also be easier to develop a new audience. 

First, identify the conditions that are essential for defining your filter. Additional conditions can be set while retargeting hot leads. For instance, you are a florist who sells flowers to both local and national customers. You cannot create separate pages for every type of flower you sell. Some flowers may not be available at a particular time. Some stocks also sell out very fast. So, website search is one of the everyday activities of users. When the stock is available for sale, you can retarget a new audience with display advertisements.

It is a brief guide about audience segmentation for retargeting. Learn more about your target audience to make your retargeting campaign successful. To automate this campaign with the advanced tools, you can rely on software tools like Capture; automated remarketing software that reduces lost leads by capturing and remarketing to them.

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