Best Ways to Retarget Your Website Visitors

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Initial marketing efforts only go so far. For instance, the e-commerce conversion rate in the United States is 1.96%. You want to get people to return to your site, but how can you retarget your website visitors? Effective remarketing will ensure that you get higher conversion rates from your efforts and improve your website’s productivity.

Use Automated Remarketing to Gather Information

The first step toward retargeting site visitors is knowing who comes to your site. Those who interact with forms or shopping carts but abandon their efforts are the most likely to respond to remarketing efforts. With automated remarketing, the system collects the information from these people who begin forms and gives you the opportunity to send out customized emails to them.

Send Emails to Retarget Visitors

The first line of contact to site visitors is an email. This message goes to them the same day of the form abandonment. Within the email is a direct link to the form they left and encouragement for them to click the link to return to the site. These emails also can get people to return to your shopping site to checkout abandoned carts.

Use Direct Mail to Retarget Your Website Visitors

Another way to get in touch with website visitors is through direct mail. By receiving physical pieces of mail that address their visit to your website and request they return, you provide a more personal connection with them. With postcards, you have a second media option to retarget your website visitors and further increase your conversions.

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