Big data in remarketing: A guide on how to use big data in remarketing

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A few years ago, big data was a vague concept. However, it has become the major weapon to make your marketing campaign successful today. Big Data is important for making data-driven decisions and building prediction models. Read the guide on how to use big data in remarketing. 

Learn about Big Data and its benefits

Big Data is a special field that involves the extraction of information from vast and complicated data sets. You need to use data-processing software for this purpose. The most important thing is that you must come up with a conclusion after analyzing the data.

There are several advantages of using Big Data. You can cut costs by making the best use of Big Data. The tools for Big Data are capable of processing sentiment analysis. Thus, you will learn about any type of feedback related to your services and products. Technology is vital for new product development because it enables thought leaders to identify the trends in the market. In this way, they will have a better perception of the market. Data analysts will know about the customers’ purchasing behaviors, current market status, and several other details.

Never overlook data enhancement

It is a process involving the addition of new data elements to your current database. For instance, you can add relevant data, including your customers’ email IDs, phone numbers, and addresses.

A remarketing campaign- Postcard remarketing

Remarketing is the online targeted advertising campaign that enables you to target particular customers by interpreting their previous activities. However, you need to install cookies in your website visitors’ browsers. This effort will be effective for your personalization campaign. You can display more relevant ads for your business. By understanding the remarketing strategy better, you can increase the rate of engagement.

Postcard remarketing campaigns work almost like automated email remarketing programs. Your website will receive visitors who will fill out a form. You can use Capture® to gather information about them. When the visitors leave the form, the software sends an email reminder for remarketing.


How to use big data in remarketing

Professionals engaged in the remarketing campaign can use Big Data for several reasons. Here is how you can use big data in remarketing.

Make your real-time bidding more effective

Marketing professionals ensure that your bidding will be based on rules by analyzing the data. Moreover, they can easily identify the most valuable customers and win the best impression.

Make segmentation easily

Segmentation is one of the steps for reaching the target audiences who can buy your products. Your retargeting campaign will be successful by using Big Data. Also, take some time to create micro-segments of your potential customers to increase your ROI. However, those who clicked an irrelevant advertisement would lose interest in other ads. To make your targeting more refined, you can use Big Data.

Start remarketing with CRM

A CRM system is highly useful for observing customers’ activities. While leveraging benefits from CRM, your CRM will help you with retargeting campaigns.

CRM retargeting is a marketing technique, although it enables companies to deliver targeted messages to potential customers. But, how is it different from standard retargeting programs? The most significant thing is that this method uses customer information collected from different channels, including offline ones. Thus, CRM remarketing enables you to stay relevant to your customers.

Make more precise recommendations

One of the best ways to ensure perfection in your marketing approach is to make recommendations. Besides, these recommendations are more effective than banner ads in gaining the trust of your potential buyers. With the use of Big Data, your remarketing program will grab more information about the purchasing process and the buying chain.

Furthermore, your brand will be able to create logical groups based on the purchase data interpretation and CTR. Big Data technology provides you with valuable facts needed for product recommendations.

Also, you can analyze the process of how your customers buy your products. Moreover, your marketing team will be able to make better customer retention strategies.

Deep learning and remarketing

Retargeting is a good approach. However, customers can run away after viewing the ads in some cases. The smartest step is that you need to understand those who will carry out a particular transaction. But, how does deep learning push your retargeting campaign and data to a different level? You will gain the ability to analyze the behavioral factors and traits of the converting clients. Furthermore, you can identify the paths followed by your customers to make a purchase. Thus, the relevant information will be useful for your lead nurturing purposes.

Using the Big Data sets and deep learning, you will have a deeper understanding of your customer base. It is highly important for the development of your marketing strategy.

Big Data is highly valuable for your advertising campaign in different ways. Which ads have driven more sales? Which are the most effective advertising channels? You can find your answers by analyzing data.

No advertisers like to deal with advertising budgets without ensuring Return On Advertising Spend. The best solution is to identify how the lead conversion happens in different channels. Professional advertisers have tried to give more focus to ad measurement.

Rule-based ad attribution model

In the traditional approach, there is a rule-based ad attribution model. It relies on the first clicks, last clicks, and cookies. According to Facebook, more than 45% of touchpoints are overlooked by conventional measurement tools. On the contrary, Big Data is highly effective in measuring your advertising outcomes and attributions. Data-driven attribution model enables you to identify the connection between your customer’s response and advertisements. It focuses on data of different types-

  • The number of interactions
  • The ad itself
  • The order of displaying the advertisement
  • The device used
  • The number of clicks and keywords best for the result

Facebook, Google, and other tech giants have already started relying on the data-oriented attribution system to get the ultimate solution. For instance, Google Analytics focuses on measuring the session, whereas Facebook focuses on the impression and session.


So, it is clear how to use big data in remarketing. Analyze your data properly and start a remarketing campaign with an automated tool.

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