Content remarketing campaign Guide – how to increase your leads

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Guide To Content Remarketing Campaigns – How To Increase Your Leads

Are you familiar with the term ‘content marketing’? However, several marketers confuse content marketing with content remarketing. You need a separate technique to make your content remarketing campaign successful.

Defining content remarketing

With content remarketing, you can draw the attention of your website’s past visitors. Using the ads across the digital world, you can run this remarketing campaign. Your target should be to get your visitors back to your site and convince them to take a step (buying a product, subscribing to email newsletters, and other activities).

Why do you need to run a content remarketing campaign?

Take advantage of GDN for content remarketing

Google Display Network refers to some platforms where you can display your Google display ads. Find the best campaign setup tips for posting your Google ads.

Identify your audience

Defining the target audience is the most important step for remarketing. For instance, you may target those who have already visited the blogging section of your website. Similarly, you can direct your remarketing effort to those who have checked your website’s price pages. You will be able to reach out your message to the right persons and gather their interests.

Show different advertisements to every segment of the list of users.

Decide on the duration of audience membership

The term ‘duration’ refers to how many days you have followed the user around with advertisements. Suppose the duration is set to 30 days. In this case, users who navigate your website will view your ads for 30 days.

Ad fatigue is a common issue with remarketing campaigns, and that’s why you have to set the duration. 

Create an attractive ad

Your content remarketing ads should be highly attractive, and you must set the correct ad format. According to marketing professionals, an emotional approach is suitable for writing ad copy. Emotion plays a role in drawing visitors to your content.

Thus, your ads should resonate with target users on an emotional level. Most importantly, you must not make your ads boring and plain. As a content marketer, you have to be creative and make your ads emotionally charged.

Manage click-through-rates

Google cannot earn money by displaying ads that are not clicked by any user. Thus, it tries to show ads that attract more clicks. This search engine uses an algorithm known as Quality Score, which identifies the ads to be displayed. You will get big discounts for advertisements that have a higher click-through rate. On the contrary, ads with low CTR have penalties. 

Best ideas for content remarketing

Showing the correct link

You do not like to direct your target audience to the wrong place. Suppose you have posted a product image, but the link is to a different product. Those who click the link like to know about the product shown in the image. However, when they see a different one, they will lose interest.

Dedicated landing pages

Some marketers make the mistake of linking their ads to the homepage. However, it is important to connect your advertisements to different landing pages. Thus, create separate landing pages for advertisements for more effective linking.

Email promotion

You can implement these tactics for your campaign. Match your email promotion with your remarketing campaign to get more effective results. Your potential customers will remember emails after viewing the ads.

Social proof

You can make a successful integration of retargeting ads and social proof. It is better to show social proof to those who have clicked on your advertisements. Product reviews and customer quotes can be shown to them. 

Prioritizing users

Those who are almost close to making a deal can get converted easily. On the contrary, users who have added items to the shopping cart may take time to reach the checkout page. That is why the former group of customers will be your priority. You may offer free shipping and other opportunities to these potential customers. 

Best offer

The best way to win attention is to display a lucrative offer. A retargeting banner that displays a promotional offer will provide the best outcome. Make sure you have chosen bright colors and CTA, which speak to your target audience.


Marketers play a common trick of developing a sense of urgency. With this trick, you can motivate your potential customers to take action. For instance, you may offer a last-minute deal to encourage your users to book your services.

Frequency cap

Social media ads have become highly prevalent; thus, using a frequency cap prevents you from getting overwhelmed by your advertisements. It is to be noted that overexposure will hurt your brand. That is essential to decide on the frequency of your social media advertisements. You may test different ad frequencies and apply the right one for your campaign. 

Slideshows and videos

Visuals are highly effective in speaking to the audience. However, as images are too common, several advertisements may get lost, although they have a stunning design. It is the reason why slideshows have become popular. Be sure that you have not included audio in your slideshows. Deactivate the autoplay option on your videos to prevent viewers from getting annoyed.

Content messaging

Social content messaging is one of the best strategies to make your remarketing effort more effective. It is a way to break down your advertisements and present them to your potential customers who are passing through the sales funnel.


Final thoughts

These are some strategies to make your content remarketing techniques successful. Learn the way of implementing them properly. But, to automate your content remarketing campaign, you can use the Capture® software. Integrate other tools into this patented software and find the best result. Your email marketing also becomes easier with this software.

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