Conversion Rate Optimization – Guide to Increasing Sales

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Conversion Rate Optimization- A Comprehensive Guide To Increasing Sales

What is the ultimate goal of drawing visitors to your website? You try to convert them into your customers. Until you have pushed your visitors into the conversion funnel, you cannot anticipate them coming back to your site to make a purchase. Thus, your business may lose opportunities. You can prevent this problem by running a campaign on Conversion Rate Optimization. The right implementation of CRO techniques will save effort, money, and time. Moreover, CRO lets you understand customer behavior and the usability of your site.

Different actions that result in conversions

Conversions happen when users have taken actions-

  • Buying a product
  • Downloading your asset
  • Registering with your website for a free trial of your product or service
  • Submitting a contact form
  • Requesting a service
  • Adding items to the shopping cart
  • Subscribing to email newsletters

How much conversion rate is good?

We cannot mention a particular figure which denotes a good and acceptable conversion rate. The standard conversion rate can vary with your campaign, industries, niches, and conversion goals. Still, it may be about a 1-4% conversion rate.

Steps for Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO refers to the way to optimize your landing page, website, and marketing program to persuade website visitors to take action. The major steps for CRO involve-

Study the target audience

You will learn about the target audience based on past customers’ behaviors. You have to understand their way of interacting with your business.

Start optimization

Use the analytical data you have gathered from your research. You can optimize your web pages and marketing campaigns. For instance, you should write an attractive web copy and add a compelling CTA. Redesign your website for a more refined user experience.

Conduct A/B test

How effective are your adjustments? You can measure them with this test. For instance, you may compare different CTAs to find the better-performing one.

Measure and make adjustments regularly

Using Google Analytics and other analytics software, you can measure the campaign’s success. You must identify your goals before tracking conversions. Track the number of conversions and compare them to the traffic of your site. Check analytics and make some adjustments for a higher conversion rate. 

Major elements of your CRO campaign

You can optimize different elements for the Conversion Rate Optimization campaign-

Landing page

The design of your website’s landing page can define your ultimate success. Make the design more aesthetic to ensure better traction. In the case of the eCommerce website, your product pages can be your landing pages. So, you have to create the landing page strategically for a higher conversion rate.

Your website copy

Hook your website visitors with the most relevant and attractive words. Highly engaging web content needs to focus on the value of your product and service. Web content includes different sections-

  • Headlines- You can persuade your visitors to read your web copy by reading the headline.
  • Body content- With short paragraphs, bullet points, and subheadings, you can create highly readable content. In fact, this content reflects everything about your brand and its products.


You need to request your website visitors to take action. We have already talked about different actions. Learn the best strategy to create the CTA. You can also show your CTA on a button.

Your website structure and navigation

An easily navigable website can increase the rate of conversion. Your website structure shows interactions of web pages. Though every website is different, you have to create a proper hierarchy style. On the contrary, the unstructured website will cause your visitors to leave your website. Thus, you should ensure that your visitors will be able to navigate your site smoothly.

Page speed

Your webpage load time can affect the site’s performance. As it also makes a difference in your website user’s experience, you must not overlook the speed. A delay of 1 second may reduce the conversion rate by almost 7%. Your potential customers will leave your website without thinking twice.

What are the benefits of running a CRO campaign?

CRO ensures optimal website functionality, and there are 2 major benefits of this campaign-

Increase your ROI

A highly considerate CRO campaign will increase your return on different marketing activities. For instance, CRO lets you assess your website performance by conducting tests. You need to check different variations that result in higher conversions.

Every time you modify your website, it can increase the conversion rate. Thus, you will be able to earn more revenue.

Better UX

You can personalize your website user experience based on the device, geographic location, and past browsing details of every visitor.

The CRO process starts with a good understanding of your potential customer’s behavior. You can use tools like clickmaps and heatmaps. Using these tools, you will learn about the visitors who have spent more time on your site. Qualitative information will enable you to ensure a better UX and higher conversion rate.

While running your CRO program, you have to identify why your visitors leave your website. Most commonly, distractions like pop-up ads can cause this problem. Moreover, hidden costs and a complicated checkout page can result in the loss of deals. Thus, you have to detect these bottlenecks to reach the optimal conversion rate.

Final thoughts

In short, CRO helps in increasing your website’s conversion. However, you can implement CRO tactics while applying other tricks like email marketing, SEO, and paid advertisements. You should also maintain your website regularly to make the conversion process easier.

Businesses of any type and sizes need to run a Conversion Rate Optimization campaign to reach their revenue goals. Visitors who have left your website without a purchase can be regained with a remarketing campaign. This campaign becomes easier with the use of innovative software, Capture® . The patented software enables you to automate your marketing program. Capture®  lets you create a free account, and then you can pay for its premium services.

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