Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization, according to MOZ, is the process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action.  Conversion rate optimization is an essential area of knowledge in digital marketing for brands to constantly be studying and making changes that help visitors move through their site and take actions.  There are many areas to look at when studying your conversion but it all starts with your website traffic.

Driving website traffic

driving website traffic

Creating a beautiful website can be a long and costly process, but there is nothing worse than a gorgeously branded website that gets no visitors.  So when creating a site you have to ensure it is optimized for SEO and that content is consistently being added.  Blog content written to provide your audience with knowledge and value, along with regular social media content that is engaging is important to help organically drive traffic.

Paid traffic is also one of the fundamentals to include in your brand strategy, whether it’s a small budget or a substantial one, paid brand awareness via google ads and social media marketing is an important way to get your website and your brand name in front of your clients.

Capture Your Website Traffic

capture your traffic

Once you have people coming to your website you want to make it easy and compelling for them to take action and provide you with information.  Creating easy to contact forms, captivating funnels, and multiple stage checkouts are just a few ways that you can encourage your website traffic to become a lead.

Conversion and Capture

Conversion rate and Capture

Don’t let all your hard earned website traffic go to waste.  According to Hubspot, 96% of website visitors that come to your site do one convert on the first visit.  Buyers like the opportunity to shop around, to get comfortable with brands and grow trust before committing.  So buckle down and get prepared to message and grow your leads.  One important way to grow your leads is to have a tool on your site that can capture live form data as it is being input.  Most people that start to fill out a form neglect to compete it, so capturing their data and remarketing to them is vital to driving them back to become a lead, and eventually a sale.  To learn more about conversion rates and why it is so important check out this article from a past blog post.

Retargeting vs Remarketing

retargeting and remarketing

Both of these are important when strategizing about how to bring prospects back with messaging.  Remarketing is about reconnecting with those who have previously interacted with your website through specific messaging.  And retargeting, while it is a component of remarketing, is often cookie/display based to both remarket to your existing audience, while also expanding to new reach.

Automated Multi-Channel Remarketing


One very exciting new way to increase conversion rate optimization is to AUTOMATE remarketing to your prospects.  When marketing is automated it creates a consistency that is far superior to human touch.  With our automated remarketing programs we are not only able to create email remarketing campaigns, but also using data enhancement and segmentation we can create automated direct mail campaigns to reach your website traffic at their mailbox.  This automated multi-channel approach is an new and sophisticated way to treating your high intent website traffic to create messaging that reaches their home. To learn more about this product and how it can serve you send us a quick email for a 1:1 strategy session.

More On Conversion Rate Optimization

more on conversion rate optimization

We have created a full Conversion Rate Optimization Course for your continued learning. For more information on conversion rate optimization and how Capture® can help you find more opportunities in your website traffic and convert more traffic into leads, and a more detailed summary of our course please click HERE for download access to the full course material document.

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