Convert More Leads With The Capture® and Mailchimp Integration

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Capture's automated remarketing and Mailchimp integration

Using Capture®’s automated remarketing for improving the number of site leads is important. However, the way that you use that information is also crucial. The Capture® and Mailchimp integration eases many of the burdens that you would otherwise have with handling the listings of new leads that you get and connecting with them through email.

Why Using Mailchimp Can Help Marketing

Mailchimp works well to handle contacts and the various methods that businesses use to connect with them. This service is best known for its marketing abilities that include the following services:

  • Social media
  • Landing pages
  • Digital ads
  • Email campaigns

Clearly, Mailchimp can make the minutiae of marketing easier to handle, especially for small businesses that don’t have a team dedicated to marketing but may have hundreds of contacts. Mailchimp’s ability to make marketing accessible to everyone makes it easier for small businesses to have effective marketing campaigns. 

Mailchimp Initiated Integration Among Contact Methods

The Capture® and Mailchimp integration starts with the way this software can merge contacts across platforms. For instance, it can deliver newsletters via email, send postcards to physical addresses, and post updates onto social media. This integration with various platforms for connecting to customers makes Mailchimp a vital component for company marketing purposes. However, it can also help handle the leads generated through websites.

Why Choose Capture®’s Automated Remarketing and Mailchimp Integration?

Capture®’s Automated remarketing uses tracking to deliver messages to those who abandon shopping carts or forms on a website. However, after these visitors return and convert into leads, your business needs a way to handle those contacts. Mailchimp integration can keep track of those contacts who have yet to respond to the initial or secondary automated remarketing emails. Plus, it can handle newsletters and more to those who convert into leads from the site. Mailchimp integration with Capture®’s automated remarketing improves both lead generation and handling.

Sign Up for Capture®’s Automated Remarketing to Get Started with Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp is a powerful contact tool. By pairing it with automated remarketing, you can unleash easier handling of your leads and the messages you send to them. Get started with this powerful pair today by signing up for Capture® at


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