Cost of remarketing and retargeting ads: Important things to know

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Cost of Remarketing and Retargeting Ads

Have you started retargeting and remarketing campaigns for your business? You have hired professional marketers to run the campaign efficiently. But, how do you create your budget for this campaign? Several businesses and marketers have been confused about the cost of remarketing and retargeting ads.

Never make the mistake of investing in advertisements blindly. You have to calculate the amount you need to run the campaign and get a good ROI.

Cost of remarketing and retargeting ads- CPA, CPM, and CPC

It is truly challenging to identify the costs related to CPA, CPM, and CPC. You have to know about the ad service providers who do different things to optimize your campaigns. They purchase ad space and set costs to run advertisements across some websites. The retargeting ad space is available in 3 ways- CPA, CPM, and CPC.


It represents cost-per-click, and you must pay when a user clicks on your retargeting ad. The cost per click can be $1 to $2. You will get the value when the visitor has entered your site and made a deal after clicking the ad.


You need to pay a particular amount for displaying your ads 1000 times. Whatever the number of clicks, retargeting ads will be shown at the bottom part of the screen. However, you may not get any value when no one can see your ads. By attracting more clicks, you can make the campaign profitable. You need to create attractive retargeting ad banners and publish ads of different sizes.


It refers to the amount you pay for a single conversion. CPA is higher than CPM and CPC. However, it confirms that your genuine retargeting efforts will result in conversions.

For instance, you have displayed your retargeting advertisements for a t-shirt viewed by a person. He bought the t-shirt after seeing the ad. In this case, you have to pay an amount for the conversion. However, ensuring that the conversion happens after clicking on the ad is much more challenging.

Google remarketing- How much does it cost?

On average, the Google remarketing cost can range from $0.66 to $1.23 per click. The standard CPC for display ads and search ads is about $1-$2. The cost of display ads may be less than $1.

Different factors affecting Google remarketing costs

  • Your bid- It is the amount you are ready to pay for every click. Moreover, it may be based on 1000 impressions.
  • Your targeting- You need to decide on how much audience you like to reach with your remarketing campaigns.
  • Your bid strategy- Identify the action for which you need to make payment. The action may be a transaction, click, or any other activity.
  • Your advertising schedule- It refers to the time for delivering your advertisements to the target audience of your remarketing campaign.
  • Your CTR- The number of visitors who have clicked on your ads, when divided by the number of viewers, gives you the CTR.
  • Frequency cap-What should be the maximum frequency of showing your remarketing ads? Do not be too aggressive; it makes your ads costly, and your potential customers may not trust you. You can set it to 30 times per day. While showing more ads, your daily costs will go up. That is why you have to limit the number of times for displaying the ads.
  • Membership duration– How long do you like to keep a person in your audience segment? You must not set it for a long duration. You may also limit the duration based on the purchasing cycle. Segment the audience based on the pages they have browsed.

Learn about the cost of Facebook remarketing ads

Several advertisers have chosen Facebook remarketing as the best tool for promoting the social media ad campaign. Although YouTube and Google ads are popular remarketing solutions, Facebook remarketing can give you the best result. You can retarget on both Instagram and Facebook, the major social media networks that have a large community. 

Professional advertisers can use the Facebook Pixel to detect users who have left your site. They can include these users in the remarketing list and show ads related to services and products. Users already view the products, but there has been no conversion.  

However, we cannot mention a particular amount as the cost for your Facebook remarketing campaign. Still, it has been found that CPC for your Facebook campaign can range from 0.20 to 0.30 dollars per click. On the contrary, the CPM can be more than $7. The quality of your competitors’ advertisements and competition level in the industry can also affect the CPC.

While running your Facebook remarketing campaign, you can allocate your budget in 2 ways. 

  • Daily budget– You need to decide on the amount you like to spend for different ads in a single day. It is an ideal option for better distribution of your budget within a particular time frame.
  • Budget for a set of advertisements– There are no daily limits set by companies. However, it indicates the amount you can pay for a series of ads over a definite period.

You may have started thinking of choosing between Google and Facebook remarketing. To ensure a low-cost solution, you can choose Google remarketing campaigns. CPC varies from $0.66 to $1.23. However, you may not always be able to earn profit from your Google remarketing campaign. The higher cost is an issue with some companies. You can consult a PPC professional to audit your account.


You can now set your budget and start your remarketing campaign. You cannot create your budget without knowing the cost of remarketing and retargeting ads. Choose the best platforms to display your ads to the target audience. You can invest in the Capture software to automate your remarketing campaign and save effort. With five web patents, this software has gained the attention of several remarketing professionals.

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