How COVID-19 Has Changed Digital Marketing

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything about the way people work and do business. This global incident also affected digital marketing. However, you can use those changes to improve your marketing methods, if you know-how.

You Need to Know Your Customer’s Cohort

Knowing just your customer is a thing of the past. Today, you must know which group your customer fits into based on what they value most. For instance, EY conducted research during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic and found five cohorts of consumers:

  • Experience First: These consumers want to have the most experiences and worry least about health and wealth. They will go back to physical stores and malls as soon as possible after the pandemic.
  • Planet First: This group of consumers will spend more on ethically sourced or greener products.
  • Society First: People in this group lean toward patronizing companies that have open, honest, and fair policies for their workers.
  • Health First: Health benefits of products matter most to consumers in this group.
  • Affordability First: Price serves as the first and often determining factor in purchases consumers in this group make. This is also the largest cohort, representing 30% of those surveyed.

When you know the driving force behind your customers’ purchases, you can market to their needs more directly.

Agility in Marketing Will Keep You Growing

Staying agile in your marketing plans can prevent your company from falling behind as consumer needs change. For instance, ads once the pandemic broke out needed to show people masked and keeping socially distant. Those that didn’t appear deaf to contemporary events.

Keep your marketing strategy agile and ready to change as news events and consumer needs shift. Your agility can quickly rise to meet the needs of your customers.

Your Web Presentation Matters 

With more people shopping online during the pandemic to avoid crowded stores or to get products not available in their area due to supply chain issues, website design has increased in its need. Your website needs to be well designed and easy for customers to navigate. For instance, if you want your site visitors to request an appointment from your company or purchase from your online store, make those places easy to get to from any page on your site. In fact, in February 2021, 73.6% of companies indicated that they wanted to improve their customer experience on their websites, compared to 60.8% in June 2020.

Your digital marketing methods will be in vain if site visitors leave your site due to a poor presentation or digital experience.

Reach Out Quickly Through a Robust, Agile Remarketing Tool with Capture®

Meeting customers’ needs is no longer a minor factor but a requirement of today’s marketing methods. You can show your site visitors that you have exactly what you need when you reach out to them again through remarketing emails that target them. Automate the process of remarketing and change the messages as you need with Capture®.

Though times have changed, Capture®’s powerful method of remarketing continues to work in growing your conversions. Sign up today to get started using this modern marketing tool that will continue to be useful in the post-pandemic world.



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