Create the best Lead generation form – A comprehensive guide

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Create the best Lead generation form – Find a comprehensive guide

Have you already designed your website perfectly to draw the visitors’ attention? You have focused on aesthetics, provided informative content, and showed the uniqueness of your company. Surely, these things are important for achieving success. However, the major purpose of launching a website is to generate leads. Until you have been able to do it, your website is of no value to you. Thus, one of the most valuable parts of every business website is a lead generation form. A highly functional form can bring you qualified leads. But how will you create the best lead generation form to get the desired results? A minimal effort will help you in increasing your conversion rates. 

A brief note on the lead generation form

A lead generation form is essential for almost any type of business website. Potential clients can visit the website, fill out the form, and submit the information. While some are free quote forms, others are contact forms. Based on the nature of your business, it is good to place the form in different parts of the site. 

You should target collecting the email address and names of every lead. By obtaining more information, you can easily identify qualified leads and contact them in the future.

What are the most important elements to create the best lead generation form?

A plain web form asking for email addresses without any incentives will not work. You need to include multiple elements in the form to let it work effectively. You will also be able to capture several leads. 

Design elements

It is always essential to create a visually appealing lead generation form that grabs the visitors’ attention. The overall design should combine the perfect scheme and show your brand logo.

Special offer from your company

It is easy to win the lead by showing a special offer from your company. You can offer something that convinces visitors to submit their email addresses. For instance, you may offer a free trial, a free eBook, and a white paper based on the type of your business. 

Proper placement of the form

The most important rule is that you must not annoy your visitors with a lead generation form. It should be visible and easily accessible. You may also use it as the pop-up form that appears at a particular time while the visitor scrolls down the page. However, this pop-up must be relevant to the content of your landing page. 

Form fields

The lead generation form that you have created should not be complicated. Your leads would easily be able to fill it out. That is why you have to be careful while choosing every form of the field. Remove the non-essential fields from the form. You can rely on form Analytics to show the performance of every field.


You cannot avoid adding a call-to-action message to draw attention. It also persuades potential customers to subscribe to your email newsletter. The best CTA is always unique and creative. You must know the target audience to design your CTA and get the best response from your leads.

Set up your autoresponder

Set an automatic message to your lead generation form. It helps in bringing more leads valuable to your business. The system can send an automatic message to give thanks to the leads for filling out the form. It is also intended to inform you that you have received the message. Personalize the message with the name of your leads.

More tips for creating your lead generation form

There are a few tricks for designing the form-

Identify the information that is highly important

We have already mentioned that email addresses and names are essential contact details to connect with leads. But, you need some more information about them. While some are general site visitors, others are job seekers. You can categorize your qualified leads by asking for a few more details.

For instance, in the case of a B2B company, you can request the company name, phone number, and service-related queries.

Add some optional fields

After determining the fields to be included, it is essential to identify the optional ones. Some leads may not like to fill out these optional fields. You should try to contact leads who are on the top part of your sales funnel.

Break the form into a number of pages

You may like to collect more than 5 to 6 types of information from leads. In that case, you have to break the form into different pages. It will not make your form look complicated. You can easily convince leads to fill out the form.

Run A/B tests for your lead generation campaign

While creating the first form, you may have made some guesswork. It is not easy to understand the number of fields to be added to attract the leads to fill them out. That is why you have to run A/B tests on every form. While testing different versions of the lead generation form, it is easy to detect the highest conversion rate. You can use this information to ensure that your lead generation form will effectively provide the best result. 


Do you now like to create the best lead generation form? It is good for capturing new leads. However, you should also focus on attracting the lost leads of your business. To reach this goal easily, you can make use of the software, Capture. It is an automated remarketing software to let you gain the attention of the leads, who have left your platform without filling out the contact form. The patented software will bring a good solution to your lead generation campaign.

This software lets you integrate third-party tools. For instance, you can integrate CRM to connect customers to third-party services. Google Analytics can also be integrated into the software.

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