Cross-channel remarketing- A comprehensive guide

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Cross-Platform Remarketing- A Comprehensive Guide

A potential customer visits a website, interacts with a business, and makes a purchase. But, it does not happen in every case. Several visitors leave your site without any action or interaction. Some of them have not found the website perfect for them, while others like to take time to make the final decision. Remarketing is the best way to get them back to your website and persuade them to buy your products and services. However, remarketing does not involve a single channel. Thus, you need to engage in more than one platform to reach your goal. A brief guide on cross-channel remarketing will remove your queries.

How is cross-channel remarketing different from multi-channel remarketing?

Cross-channel and multi-channel seem to be similar, but they have differences. In the case of multi-channel marketing, your focus should be on audiences throughout different channels. Your campaign can target YouTube and Google Show. Channels you have chosen work independently. There is no connection between them. On the contrary, there is a link between channels for your cross-channel marketing. It enables you to promote the buying journey of shoppers.

A basic concept about cross-channel remarketing

Installation of internet beacons and cookies is essential for starting the remarketing campaign. Cookies are saved automatically on the user’s laptop by the web browser. On the contrary, online beacons are clear pictures embedded in emails, banners, and web pages. They are effective in tracking website visits and other statistical details.

For instance, your cat has started scratching your furnishings. You have come to learn from a website that an anti-scratch spray can protect your upholstery from sharp claws. You have also noticed an advert for the product, and finally, you have added the item to your shopping cart. But, you have not made any transactions. On that day, you will receive a promotional email about any discount offer for the spray.

Thus, it is the cross-channel marketing technique used by different companies.

Which audiences should you target in your remarketing campaign?

Remarketing campaign lets you target those who have already visited your site. However, they have not converted into qualified leads and customers. Some users have also seen your adverts, so you can retarget them to draw their interest.

Website traffic

It is a common remarketing method that involves using cookies to target your website visitors who have not made a deal. These visitors are already familiar with your products and services. That is why they can easily get interested in your business.

Your remarketing advertisements remind previous website visitors about your business. This is how it increases the rate of conversion. 

Interested product/service searchers

Remarketing technology is effective for serving advertisements to potential customers based on their searches. Thus, your ads can reach beyond your website visitors. It is a search retargeting process that captures searchers having higher purchase intent. When these searchers are not actively searching for something, you can put your business in front of them. 

Particular user lists

You can retarget a custom list of visitors who have already shown some type of interest. For instance, they have signed up for digital coupons, email newsletters, and other offers.

Custom lists are intended for a definite group of users, and you can easily present them with the right ads.

Channels that you can use to target the audience

The ads will surely be visible to users while they use mobile and desktop sites in an ad network. However, some types of ads and websites ensure they are reachable to consumers to attract them. The most commonly used channels are

Mobile apps

Your advertisements have to be visible to your mobile apps. Consumers spend more than 30% of their time on online activities. That is why you can use mobile apps to display your ads. Those who are engaged with smartphone apps can visit your site and take action.

Relevant content and website

You can make your advertisements visible to visitors on relevant platforms. For instance, as a pet store owner, you can display your ads on websites related to animals, lifestyle, and family. It will be easier to connect with users and draw their interest in your ads.

Social media platforms

Run a Facebook-oriented remarketing campaign that lets you interact with the previous website visitors. Facebook has a large user base. So, most of your website visitors may be active Facebook users. Facebook remarketing lets you reach lookalike audiences, website visitors, and a custom list of audiences. You may use other social media sites for this purpose.

Other tips for the cross-channel remarketing campaign

  • Display some compelling offers– For the remarketing ads shown on mobile apps and social media sites, it is good to deliver an engaging message and CTA. The advertisement should contain a redeemable deal, which will result in higher conversion.
  • Drive more engagement– As your ads will be viewable in several places on the web, it is challenging to keep the viewers engaged. You need to use different ad formats to prevent your campaign from losing the interest of targeted customers. Add new messages and images regularly to your ad and get the best result. 
  • Measure your campaign conversion– Understand the result of your remarketing effort. There are several ways to track the outcome. For instance, the Facebook pixel is one of the latest technologies implemented by Facebook. You can build your custom audience list and measure conversions on your site. Conversion Zones used with geofencing technology track traffic from your advertisements to your location. You can also use website tracking technology to identify the conversion. You will learn the effectiveness of the remarketing campaign. Without analytical data, you cannot achieve the desired success.


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