Cross-Device Retargeting Ads- Find An Ultimate Guide

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Cross-Device Retargeting Ads- Find An Ultimate Guide

Have you already created a Google Adwords and Google Analytics account? Then, you might be familiar with the feature on the automatic improvement of Remarketing Audiences. So, Google no longer relies only on cokes and mobile IDs to identify every user across different networks for remarketing campaigns. It enables advertisers to track cross-device retargeting ads. If your website visitors leave your platform without making a purchase, you can attract them with ads on different devices. You can also track the devices used by your potential customers and take the best steps to convert them.

A brief idea about cross-device retargeting

Cross-device retargeting means that you have to reach your potential customers across different devices like mobile and desktop. Retargeting is an advertising technique of serving advertisements to those who have already visited your site without getting converted. The term ‘conversion’ denotes that your users take action to make a deal. The action may be about buying a product or paying for a monthly subscription.

The innovative feature of Google Adwords is accessible to those who have signed into Google accounts on various devices. So, advertisers can retarget those users with advertisements in Google’s search results and on Display Network. 

In other words, when someone enters your site and leaves the platform, you can easily retarget them on users’ other devices and on other sites. Your business name will appear in the minds of customers across various devices.

Google’s tool can also track the consumer’s buying path across different devices. Besides, you will get a report on-

  • Devices– Check the level of cross-device in your Google AdWords account.
  • Assisting devices– Know the frequency of assisting devices related to the buying path of consumers. You will also learn about the type of devices used by your potential customers. 
  • Device path– You can understand the ads’ top conversion paths. Identifying the devices that lead to the most conversions will be easy.

The presence of the Customer Match feature is another advantage of Google advertisers. Advertisers can target their email lists in Google Adwords. They can target potential customers on YouTube, Gmail, and Search according to their email addresses. Demographic targeting becomes easy with this unique feature.

Make your retargeting campaign customer-centric

Digital marketers can customize ad frequency depending on their target users (instead of platforms). You can capture micro-moments and be more strategic while delivering a message as an advertiser. You can also maintain proper sequencing in your messaging activity.

Google tries to leverage your Facebook leads to leverage user data for your retargeting campaign. Data of signed-in users is accessible to brands and advertisers. However, they have to measure effects across different channels and devices.

Cross-device tracking- Deterministic versus probabilistic

Deterministic tracking across different devices can be done when identifiers like login details are used for identifying the use of multiple devices by the same person. It ensures high accuracy in cross-device retargeting as the identifier is unique to every user.

But, one disadvantage is that you will have a limited reach with deterministic targeting methods. Users have to enter their details on various devices. Companies with several user credentials can apply the deterministic cross-device retargeting technique to get an effective result.

On the contrary, probabilistic cross-device user tracking is effective when you have no data to link users to various devices. For instance, non-personal details like OS, device model, and IP address can focus on multiple devices used by a particular user. 

The targeting method effectively works by developing a model depending on devices regularly used by users from the same location. Like the deterministic method, the probabilistic technique also has some demerits. There are limitations to mobile cookie tracking. Moreover, IP addresses can be inaccurate when more than one user is in a household.

How is cross-device retargeting advantageous?

The primary purpose of cross-device retargeting is to provide your customers with a seamless experience by sending personalized messaging. It lets you retain lost visitors to your site. As an advertiser, you can decide on the ads to be displayed to every user. Campaign measurements and reporting will be highly accurate. So you can stay within your budget while achieving your goal.

You can install Capture Software from Automated Marketing to run a retargeting campaign easily. Integrate Adwords and other tools into your software for cross-device retargeting.

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