Data for marketing campaigns: How to use data to drive your marketing

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How To Use Data To Drive Your Marketing

Today, professional marketers always try to create data-driven marketing strategies by harnessing data. Data collected from consumer behavior and interactions are highly important for marketing. Moreover, data can be of different types, including socioeconomic status, demographics, and interests. The data-driven promotional campaign lets you anticipate your audience’s needs and provide quality products or services. But, how do you use data for marketing campaigns?

Before discussing it, we need to talk about the value of data-driven marketing.

Value of data-driven marketing

  • Better experience for your audience

Your target audiences always desire personalized solutions that serve their interests and needs. You can satisfy them by relying on a data-driven approach to marketing. This marketing program also enables you to identify issues with your content.

  • Higher ROI

While shaping the online marketing program, you have a chance of earning a higher ROI. As personalized marketing drives better outcomes, you will have an increased ROI. 

  • Develop better products

When your company designs a new product, it is not easy to guess the potential reaction of the audience. But, with a data-driven effort, you will learn about your audience’s desires. 

How to use data for marketing campaigns

There are several ways to make the optimal use of data for your digital marketing campaign.

Implement marketing automation effectively

Data analytics is a way to collect, analyze, and understand data for better decisions. Your automated marketing program will deliver better results using the right data. You will reach your potential customers at the right time. Increase your CTR, get more subscribers, and reduce cost per acquisition.

Automation is, in fact, the future of marketing. However, novices cannot manage it easily. Your first task is to manage your data and review it. Based on the data, you can implement automation. 

Identify the high-performing campaign elements

Pay attention to your data to ensure the better performance of your marketing program. Your campaign involves different elements, some of which may not perform equally. Accurate data will enable you to identify elements that are working best and worst.

For instance, while running a Facebook campaign, you can find some elements bringing the desired outcome. Thus, you can continue your campaign with those elements. Furthermore, you can detect the keywords which are effective in providing the best result.

So, data lets you refine your marketing strategy. You will also find a relationship between your sales and marketing.

Easy to set the right goal

As data helps in understanding your target audiences, you will know their desires. Moreover, you will understand the content they like to consume. This will help you to make a better decision on your marketing effort. You must set your goals in case of low website traffic and low conversions. You cannot measure your campaign performance without goals.

The ultimate way to achieve goals is to track progress and figure out the need to put effort into your marketing campaign. When you cannot notice the desired progress, you can use data to tweak your campaign and adjust your goals.

Use data for modifying advertisements

Data is the most effective tool to teach your marketing team how to promote your business better. It also lets you know where and when to invest in an advertising campaign. But, how do advertisers use data?

For instance, one of your target clients is a travel enthusiast. He has recently made a deal to book a vacation trip. This data will encourage you to create ads and promote relevant deals on airfare and lodges.

Similarly, you may leverage data about app users to understand the type of content needed for your potential customers. You may also customize in-app messages based on the users’ location.

Professionals dealing with retargeted ads also rely on data and increase the rate of conversion. With a data-driven approach, they can understand their audiences better and learn about their purchasing patterns. These details enable them to create highly effective advertisements. For instance, you have a dog food manufacturing business. By analyzing data, you will learn about dogs of different sizes and the foods suitable for them.

While running the data-driven advertising campaign, advertisers like to implement the latest technology. For instance, they use geolocation technology to pair your push notifications with mobile apps. It will tell you about the location of your customers.

Implement your targeted email campaign

With the use of data, your email marketing campaign can become successful. By knowing more details about the target audience, you will be able to develop better content. It will also be easy to segment subscribers based on your data. So, categorize your audience and provide the best content to your subscribers.

Your marketers will take time to identify your customers’ spending habits, hobbies, demographic details, and interests. Your emails will be more appealing to the recipients, as you may provide relevant content to them.

Offer something special to your potential customers

Your potential buyers always look for ways to save their money. Thus, special offers, discounts, and coupons easily attract them. Based on the data you have gathered, you can decide on what attractive deals you will offer your customers.

Data also makes you familiar with your buyers’ interests. That is why it will be easy to decide on discounts and coupons. You may also send them through paid ads, email, and social media platforms.

These special offers will scale up your conversion rate. Data-driven decisions enable you to guide and target your audiences towards making deals.

Final thoughts

When you think of tracking data for marketing campaigns, Google Analytics comes first to your mind. However, another patented application, known as Capture®, can also help you in tracking data and converting your leads into customers. High-intent website traffic can be easily captured with this tool. You can automate your remarketing campaign using Capture®. Moreover, it lets you integrate other applications to add functionality. So, make the best use of this software and find the desired results.

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