Direct mail automation: Benefits of automating direct mail

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Direct mail automation: What are the benefits of automating direct mail?

Have you received a postcard in your mailbox? Now, imagine how your parents and grandparents used to receive mail decades ago. Today, several marketers have chosen direct mailing techniques for their promotional purposes. They claim that it can bring them higher ROI. Although direct mailing is nothing new, automated direct mail is a new type of SaaS. We will provide you with a brief guide on direct mail automation. You can easily automate your direct mail and find a better response.

A brief concept about direct mail automation-

This automated campaign includes

  • Personalized postcards
  • Customized letters
  • Physical mail

The most important thing is that you need to use automation tools for customizing your small-batch printing processing. You should track, trace, and measure the effectiveness of direct mail with real-time insights, analytics, and dashboards. Automation software enables you to save time and reduce workloads.

What are the benefits of automating direct mail?

Direct mail automation can provide you with several advantages-

Personalize your mail

It is easy to choose the desired template and insert customization components. For instance, you may send your personalized direct mail with a special discount offer. You can deliver this mail a few days before your client’s birthday. So, while using a marketing automation platform, you can set up some rules and send details to your direct mail printers.

A direct way to interact with your customers

Email communication may not always enable you to connect with decision-makers. On the contract, direct mail lets you reach almost any potential client.

More than 90% of consumers receive mail daily. As all customers have their own postal addresses, you can deliver mail easily. They will read your mail when they find the time.

Easy to scale

To increase the number of memberships and grow your business outreach. Automation is an effective way to let your business approach potential customers at the right time. The data is also easily manageable, and you can create your target audience profile. 

Run your mass mailing campaign

Automated direct mail saves you time, and there is no need to invest a high amount in the pre-press process. Thus, it is highly advantageous for your mass mailing campaign. The user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality will not confuse you. You can direct mail to your target audience with a few clicks. But, it is important to create a strategy for automatic delivery of direct mail.

Re-engage your target users

You may have created an attractive greeting and sent it via email. Some marketers choose this approach when they have connected with the customers for a brief period. However, the inactivity of these recipients will encourage you to start a direct mail campaign.

Developing a strategy for your automated direct mail marketing 

Without a strategy, no marketing campaign will be successful. That is why we have helped you in developing the best strategy for this purpose.

Set KPIs for your direct mail campaign

Identifying your goals is essential to ensure success in your direct mail campaign. Every team member will focus on this goal for running the campaign, and you can track performance properly. Some commonly chosen objectives of a direct mail campaign are

  • Boost business outreach
  • Higher response rates
  • Book more product demos
  • Raise the number of sales
  • Generate more revenues

Establish metrics to measure the performance of your automated direct mail

How many recipients have opened the direct mail? It is not easy to track the details accurately. But, you can check how the performance of the campaign affects different variables. A few metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of direct mail are 

  • Close rates- Leads in your sales pipeline
  • Conversion rates- It indicates the number of new customers
  • Response rate- It is about the customers’ responses.

Start measuring your campaign’s success

You need to calculate the cost of your direct mail campaign and compare it to your pipeline. It will enable you to decide on the right initiatives for the future. ROI is a good indicator for identifying the success of your efforts. Find your net profit and divide it by your total investment in the campaign. Multiply the amount by 100 to obtain the ROI percentage. These calculations are important for measuring overall success.

Integrate your email marketing program into your direct mail campaign

To ensure a better reach of your business message, you can implement both email marketing and direct mailing techniques. This integration will help your business in promoting its core values. Your relationship with clients will also become stronger. The best software provides tools to run email marketing programs, deal with email contacts, and track metrics.  

How to choose the best software for automated direct mails

You may have started searching for the most reliable application to automate your direct mail. Premium software includes- 

  • User-friendly editing tools for letter formats and postcards

In traditional direct mail campaigns, it is challenging to customize your content. But, you have the potential content for the automated direct mailing program. It will increase the read rates and response rates. 

You can also deliver CSV data files and PDF designs to the printers. Moreover, you may select particular parts of the design for customization. It is easy to repeat the process and send the files back to designers for perfection.

Automated direct mail involves using intuitive and modern online editors for personalizing postcards. You can also create letters of different sizes. The best software lets you choose between landscape and portrait options for postcards.  

  • Triggered direct mail and small batch mailing options

You can deliver new ads and messages to your customers based on their behavioral activities. 

Traditional direct mailing involves a large batch, and the manual process is quite slow. You can create a list of more than 2500 contacts to send the mail with automated software. 

Thus, you can now start using direct mail automation software. Capture® is one such application that makes your campaign easier. This patented software lets you integrate different tools.


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