Direct mail automation- How does it benefit you?

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Direct mail automation- How does it benefit you?

Have you started both direct mailing and email marketing campaigns? Some businesses skip direct mail and focus more on email marketing. However, the open rate is higher in the case of direct mail. In the world of marketing, direct mail plays a significant role. The traditional process for delivering direct mail is cumbersome. It also involves a considerable investment.

Regarding direct mail, marketers claim that it takes too much time to send mail. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem. You can automate your direct mail. Let us talk more about direct mail automation

Direct mail automation- A brief overview

Automating direct mail involves a streamlined process of sending physical mail. Automation technology for direct mail helps simplify the design, creation, packaging, and mail delivery process. 

Thus, you can also automate repetitive and mundane tasks, such as direct mail creation and printing. When you try to do these tasks manually, there is a risk of error and waste of resources. Take advantage of data-driven solutions and innovative technology for automating direct mains. For instance, you can use an integration facility, editing tools, cloud-based processing, scalability, and customization tools.

You need to choose an automation platform for a direct mail campaign. From designing the mail to mail delivery, everything can be managed online. You can avoid putting manual effort into it. With automation, it is easier to track the progress and results of your direct mail items. Thus, you can rely on software to automate direct mail. You can run the campaign efficiently.

Why should you run a triggered and automated direct mail?

Align digital channels with your automated direct mail

Until you have automated direct mail, you cannot link your offline advertising with an online marketing program. Direct mails involve much effort to organize them manually.

You can customize automated delivery and printing according to your needs. Moreover, you need an automated CRM marketing platform for an omnichannel marketing solution. This automation lets you use a comprehensive database with customer details to sync marketing efforts.

Develop customer relationships with triggered direct mail

You can create a strong bond with customers by running a triggered direct mailing campaign. Your recipients will deliver mail pieces when they are available for communication. But how will you understand their readiness for interaction?

You can set the triggers based on past activities (like order placement and subscription). Customers think that you always care about their interests and preferences. This is how your connection with customers will become stronger. Those loyal customers can also become your ambassadors.

Easy to increase your ROI

You need a higher investment in the case of non-automated mail. Moreover, the result could be more measurable, and you cannot predict your earnings with this approach. There would also be a waste of resources, as you have to find printing houses, designers, and other professionals.

On the contrary, mail marketing with automation technology gives you a clear view of your investment and revenues. You can control the cost of marketing. However, the A/B testing process and direct mail tools are essential.

Track your direct mail

Several marketers avoid direct mail in their omnichannel marketing programs. They have found that it takes work to track mail campaigns. 

The scenario is different in the case of automated direct mail. When your mail recipient scans your QR codes and copies your coupon codes, the CRM system will track it. Thus, the CRM integration feature of the direct mail tool is highly advantageous. You will identify the device characteristics, location, and preferences of recipients.

Reactivate your customers

It is another benefit of running an automated direct mail campaign. When you offer some products and services to consumers, your competitors do similar things. As several companies present similar items, it makes consumers need clarification.

Although some of them have made a deal with you earlier, they can hop to another vendor’s website. 20 to 25 percent of your customer base may comprise dormant customers. Ensure that you have sent tailored messages to make them active.

Although the ad retargeting works for you, customized postcards ensure high response rates. 

Make your customer’s journey seamless

From developing awareness to customer retention, there is a long journey. But, during this journey, you can send direct mail to your customers. For instance, a CTA convinces your customers to place an order. Nurture your customers by delivering vouchers and newsletters. By automating the mail, you can make your customer journey smoother. Automated solutions let you set triggers. 

Choose the best platform for direct mail automation

Check the integrated features while selecting a platform for direct mail automation. Look for a highly scalable solution for automating your direct mail. The platform should be adjustable according to your needs. You may add several templates, customizations, contacts, and users. Bulk mailing can also be managed easily with your automated software.

The best tool for direct mail automation also enables you to check campaign performance. Analytical details about campaigns let you are useful to manage conversions and responses. You can also record direct mail items delivered by you. The report is important for calculating your ROI. Based on these details, you can decide on the size and budget of your campaign.

Ensure that the chosen platform lets you integrate CRM and other third-party tools. You can personalize your direct mail and make the campaign more effective. Some application also enables you to use marketing templates and customize them according to your needs.

You can also run cross-channel marketing using the automated platform. So, find the direct mail automation platform and make your campaign successful. Capture is also an automated platform for direct mail marketing. 

You will be able to take advantage of the built-in features and integration options. The patented software will provide you with the best outcome.

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