Display remarketing campaigns: Best strategies

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Best Strategies For Display Remarketing Campaigns

Do you know that your customers go through 5 to 8 touch points before buying products or services from your website? But why does this process take a long time? The internet world is full of information. That is why consumers always try to ensure they make the right choice. From marketers’ perspectives, we can say that a single ad will not be effective for you. Therefore, it would be best if you thought of the customer journey to create strategies for display remarketing campaigns.

What is display remarketing?

It is cost-effective to run a display remarketing program. You will get a high ROI with the right approach. Consumers take much time to pick the right options. With a marketing campaign, you can keep your brand name in front of them.

Display remarketing campaigns: Best strategies

Develop a sequence for a display remarketing program

The most important thing is to identify the time gap between the customers’ first interactions and their conversion. This time lag is different for every industry. For instance, when you sell a low-priced branded product, the time gap may be 0 to 1 day. But, the gap is around 30 days or more when selling a complicated, costly product. 

Using Google Analytics tools, you can find a Time Lag option under Multiple-Channel Funnels. You will get valuable data from the report. Also, you can find when your target users will convert into customers after the first interactions. You can plan your remarketing program based on the data.

For instance, there is a scenario when 30% of conversions occur after first-time interaction. 60% of conversions are found after two weeks. You will find that users do more research to buy a complicated product. You can then develop a sequenced campaign for display remarketing. It is the best way to help users go through a research journey. Send different messages to these users and enable them to make the right decision. 

Your bidding strategy may also be adjusted. You may place the highest bids for customers with a chance of a conversion.

For the first ad, you can create a brand message. 

With the second advertisement, you have to promote customer services.

The third ad may be about free delivery or discount codes. 

Start segmenting your audience for remarketing campaign

Every page on your site has a different value. You can find diverse groups of visitors. Some visitors who have put their items into the shopping cart leave the buying journey. Again, a few others land on your home page and then get bounced. You can target the former group to get more impressions and increase your investment value.

You will be able to segment the audience according to their activities on your website and their source of origin. The most essential segmentations are demographics, number of visits, time on site, and a visit to particular pages.

It is to be noted that you should be more precise while building an audience. Your audience should include at least 100 members to run your display remarketing program. After creating the target audience, you can select a destination. If you have connected your Analytics and AdWords accounts, you can hit the AdWords account and log in to the dashboard to find the new audience. 

Start remarketing content

You have taken much time to develop your website content. Now, you need to take steps for content remarketing. You have to gain trust and lead to more conversions with your content. Check the steps for doing it.

Identify your audience depending on who has read your articles and blogs.

It is essential to find those who are interested in your products/services and have spent more than 3 minutes on your site. These visitors might have explored different pages of your site. You can retarget these visitors with the appropriate content.

A successful content remarketing campaign helps you develop trust. You can also nurture the target user. However, this campaign’s main purpose is not to trigger direct conversions. Over time, it has a positive effect on the number of referrals.


Setting up display remarketing campaigns is not a one-step process. You should test ads, review audiences, and switch ad strategies. Clean data is essential to reach the relevant audience. You should also automate your remarketing program with Capture. This automated remarketing software lets you integrate different tools. From web forms to Google Analytics, everything can be integrated into it.


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