Are Dynamic And Static Retargeting Campaigns Different From Each Other?

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You might be familiar with retargeting campaigns. But have you heard that not every retargeting program is the same? The campaign may be dynamic or static, depending on what goals you have set for digital marketing. The ultimate goal is, of course, a high return on your investment. Nevertheless, it does not mean highly sophisticated and advanced solutions will bring the desired value. To choose between dynamic and static retargeting campaigns, you have to focus on

  • Your business type
  • Type of conversions

Dynamic and static retargeting campaigns: Differences

A brief concept of the dynamic retargeting campaign

With dynamic retargeting, you can craft unique advertisements for every customer. So, you can use ML technology to evaluate the behaviors of every individual. Find the creative elements that attract viewers and convince them to return to your site for a deal. Dynamic ads can be the perfect solution for drawing the attention of the target viewers. 

Apply the dynamic retargeting technique if you run an eCommerce platform with a vast product collection. Several factors may affect the reason for buying your products. That is why you can rely on technology to analyze numerical details. 

So, how do your dynamic retargeting ads look? Suppose, A has entered a website of a sports apparel seller. He checks the product page of a jacket. Retargeting professionals collect data on the potential buyer’s behavior on other sites, devices, and social media. ML technology is effective in determining when the visitor has a chance of getting converted. It designs a personalized ad depending on the visitor’s preferences. The ad becomes visible to the potential jacket buyer. 

Static retargeting- Should you apply this strategy

A solid strategy for static retargeting involves creating multiple formats of a particular ad. It is one of the parts of a comprehensive marketing program. After placing the ad on the advertisement serving site, you must set some conditions. Depending on their behavior, these conditions will detect the ads that will be visible to people. 

To say simply, a static marketing campaign is a perfect option when you try to spread awareness of a service/product or aggregate leads. When your target audience visits your website, you can gather details. Achieving the goal with a product page or a gated asset is possible. 

Suppose you have launched a marketing program for an eBook. So, you have designed 4 ads to direct potential readers to your eBook. Every ad is triggered when website visitors visit a particular article or product page on the site. One advertisement is intended for those who have viewed your product. Again, another ad can attract those who are going through articles on a topic relevant to your eBook.

When should you consider static retargeting?

You can choose this retargeting campaign if

  • You have a B2B business, and the main aim is to turn out more leads for conversion.
  • Your service/product portfolio is comparatively small. It means that you have only a few types of services and products depending on your customers’ needs.
  • You like to make your ads more precise and target various types of customers (not a particular type of customer).
  • You think of retargeting your visitors while promoting your offers and products.
  • You want better control over creative ads.

When should you run a dynamic retargeting campaign?

  • You have an eCommerce business- Your website sells services/products. You have many items in your inventory to attract a range of customers.
  • You sell diverse items, and your inventory has different product categories.
  • Your customer base is quite large. Perhaps, you think of targeting several customers though they have various intentions while navigating your site.  
  • You have customers with diverse tastes and preferences. Products in your collection may attract customers from different walks of life. Suppose 2 customers like to wear Nike shoes. But their favorite colors are different.

It is to be noted that dynamism is one of the crucial aspects of retargeting campaigns. Though a fascinating technology exists, it does not work in every scenario. You should consider business needs to identify the right type of retargeting ads.

You have now clearly understood the difference between dynamic and static retargeting campaigns. For your shopping apps, you may choose dynamic retargeting campaigns. To run the campaigns efficiently, you can use an automated solution, Capture. This remarketing software has gained high popularity due to its versatility.

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