Email Remarketing vs Direct Mail Remarketing

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You don’t have to limit your marketing methods to the internet. Reach out to your prospects via direct mail. While you can compare email remarketing vs direct mail remarketing, the two don’t have to be in competition. Combining them can power up your remarketing strategy and boost your conversions to unimaginable levels.

Email Remarketing

Email remarketing delivers messages to your site visitors’ inboxes to get them to finish the form on your site or to check out the items left in your basket. This method of remarketing works well with conversion rates of 10% to 15%. But, some consumers may not check their emails or use junk email boxes when filling in forms. You can still reach these visitors through direct mail.

Direct Mail Remarketing

Direct mail remarketing can increase the ROI that you get from email remarketing by further increasing your conversions. Using physical mail gets customers at their homes in a way that 73% of consumers say that want to be contacted. By using direct mail, you can get more conversions to your site with a medium that puts your company’s information into their hands.

Unlock Powerful Remarketing by Combining the Two

By pairing email and direct mail remarketing with Capture and AMP, you get the best of both worlds. You can boost conversions automatically when you let Capture gather email and direct mail addresses and send messages while AMP creates and delivers postcards for you. These powerful tools have already collected more than one million emails. Why not add them to your marketing arsenal?

Sign Up for Capture for Email Remarketing and Integrate AMP’s Powerful Direct Mail Remarketing

Stop trying to compare email remarketing vs direct mail remarketing. Get the best of both worlds. Sign up for Capture today, and you can integrate AMP for direct mail power added to your remarketing strategy. Don’t wait for your possible leads to vanish. Increase conversions by signing up for Capture.



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