Email retargeting and remarketing campaign: A comprehensive guide

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A Comprehensive Guide To Running Your Email Retargeting And Remarketing Campaign

How do you encourage your website visitors to keep visiting your platforms after making a deal? Email retargeting and remarketing can be the perfect answer to this problem. 2 to 3% of shoppers get converted into customers during their first visit to your website. Modern shoppers also claim that promotional emails affect their buying decisions. That is why you can start running your email retargeting and remarketing campaign

Email remarketing involves the process of collecting and using your customer information to achieve the desired marketing outcomes. You can customize this email marketing program in different ways.

Marketers track navigation details when someone browses your site with a cookie (records visitors’ actions and behaviors). Like retargeting advertisements, email retargeting programs use action-based and behavioral data. As a marketer, you can use this data for tailored data for the best result.

Email retargeting and remarketing campaign: Things to know

How does email remarketing benefit you?

Email remarketing is highly advantageous for several reasons. 

Re-engage customers

In most cases, visitors visit a few product pages before leaving them. The tracked data can be used for email remarketing programs. The accurate data will help you in displaying the most relevant advertisements in emails. Moreover, you can show special offers to customers. Effective email retargeting will re-engage your active customers and increase the customer retention rate.

Ensure better and higher CTR

Relevant and personalized email remarketing ads ensure a higher click-through rate. There is also a higher chance of converting the audience into new customers.

Increase your sales rate

As email remarketing raises the conversion level, you will enjoy more sales. Thus, it will bring more revenue to your business.

Reduce the risk of shopping cart abandonment

The major purpose of running an email remarketing campaign is to lower the cart abandonment rate. Ecommerce marketers who have concerns about shopping cart abandonments should start email remarketing campaigns. Give your customers a chance to purchase a discounted product within the shortest time.

Email retargeting- How does it benefit you?

There are multiple email retargeting options:-

  • Email addresses in email service providers
  • Pixel retargeting for behavior tracking

You need remarketing software for pixel retargeting on your site. You may also work on the HTML templates of emails. By placing cookies on the user’s web browser, you can easily track his online activities. You will be able to deliver targeted emails to your potential customers. 

In your ESP, the email addresses of your subscribers are also helpful for your email remarketing campaign. As you know every detail of these subscribers, you can create a segmented email list and identify the current status of potential buyers in their buying journey. Furthermore, you can decide on the best-retargeted emails to be delivered to your subscribers. 

When someone hits your website and navigates different pages without buying products, you feel it to be a loss. However, a proper email retargeting strategy will give you an opportunity to turn those visitors into customers.

What are the significant steps for email retargeting?

You can earn higher revenue by nurturing your email customers. Thus, you must not overlook email retargeting, as it results in the loss of potential sales. With this retargeting program, you will be able to follow up with visitors and customers based on their activities. You may persuade them to purchase products, download content, and take any other action.

Steps for email retargeting

How will you obtain the data needed for email retargeting campaigns? What information should be your priority? Email addresses of target recipients are the most important thing you need for your retargeting campaign. After collecting email addresses, you will find different types of information.

  • Purchase history- Number of purchases
  • The value of every deal
  • The total amount spent on every purchase
  • Frequency of making purchases
  • Types of emails previously clicked and opened
  • The way of interacting with your emails
  • Web pages visited by the email recipient 

Your ESP will provide you with these details. But, you need to use site tracking tools to connect sales processes with marketing techniques. You will have real-time information about your website visitors’ activities. You may also learn about the pages and product categories preferable to these visitors.

Website tracking enables you to conduct your sales and marketing processes that involve triggered messages, audience segmentation, and behavioral targeting. You can find higher conversions with this approach.

But, when you cannot obtain some information with website tracking, you can use forms. An online form includes fields-

  • Name 
  • Location
  • Social media details
  • Date subscribed
  • Job Function
  • Content preferable 
  • Referral sources

Create a segment of your audience

When you receive an email, one thought hits your mind. Why did the sender deliver the email? You can also find this type of response in your email recipients when they receive irrelevant emails from your company. To avoid this problem, you have to focus on audience segmentation.

Segmentation refers to the way of dividing an audience into a number of small groups according to their characteristics. Create your email for a particular type of audience. After choosing the best marketing automation platform, you may categorize your audience based on anything. You will automatically be able to deliver your retargeted emails.

In this regard, we need to mention the automated remarketing software, Capture. This highly advanced software has received 5 patents, so you can rely on the patented software for your remarketing campaign. Your email retargeting and remarketing campaign will also be successful with this software.

Start creating your email retargeting campaigns

The final step is to develop the best stuff for remarketing purposes. General content emails, abandoned cart emails, and other types of emails should be created for this campaign.

Your email content may solve the problems of readers. It can also make them curious about your products and services. Although recipients have opened and read your email, they may not purchase your product. That is why you should create tailored ads as a part of your retargeting strategy.

These are effective ways to make your email retargeting and remarketing campaign successful. Compose the best email and attract the recipients to make a purchase.

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