What are the best email subject line writing styles?

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What are the best email subject line writing styles?

There is no definite way to write a perfect email subject line. However, as it is about an email marketing campaign, you should focus on the subject line. Do you know that several recipients mark promotional emails as spam? You never like to get your emails into their spam. The primary reason behind this problem is inappropriate subject lines. While a headline promotes a story, an email subject line inspires action. Let us now provide a brief guide on the email subject line writing styles.

Email subject line writing styles: Types of subject lines that trigger clicks on your emails

A subject line to generate high curiosity

It is natural for every human being to be curious about new things. Thus, your subject line should be written to nurture subscribers’ interest. You should not provide the major information in your email subject line.

There are more tricks for intensifying the level of curiosity

Your readers click on your email after reading your subject line

Still, they have not found the answer. They will become more curious at this time.

They will then hit the blog link you have embedded in your email.

Thus, you have to stimulate curiosity to increase the email open rate, CTR, and conversion rate. You can drive valuable traffic to your site.

Free offers

While writing your email subject lines, you can mention promotions, special deals, and free offers. It will easily convince your potential customers to open the email. They will like to know about freebies and read the email in detail. Thus, you may use the term ‘free’ in your email subject line. 

You can also retain your current customers using promotions. There is another reason for providing free stuff during your email marketing. This marketing campaign is affordable and generates high ROI. Successful email marketing enables you to gain a high return. Thus, you may use some of your profit to buy free stuff. You will be able to increase your revenues.

Personalized subjects

Your email should have a personal touch to establish a long-lasting customer relationship. Your personalization tactics will make your subject lines more effective. You will also find a difference in the success of the campaign. Address your email recipients by their names. You will get 2 noticeable results from this campaign.

  • Increase CTR
  • A higher conversion rate

However, to incorporate personalization into your email campaign, you need to know about the relationship status, transaction history, location, birth dates, and browsing history. You may also focus on the last purchase details to follow up with customers. For instance, you can send an email with free giveaways on the birthday of the email recipient.

You may also segment your customers by location and customize your email content. 

Subject lines with a focus on retargeting purpose

Do you track the conversion percentage for shopping carts? How have you managed your abandoned carts? The best fact is that your email subject line has the potential to reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment. However, several businesses do not track the number of customers who have added items to the shopping without finalizing the deal. 

Case study

There are some reasons why your potential customers like to read case studies. These case studies provide proof of the effectiveness of your strategy. Readers can also use the strategy to achieve the desired result. Thus, your email subject line must be written in a way, which shows the email is about case studies.

Follow-up subject line

After a phone call, networking event, or any in-person discussion, you can send a follow-up email. However, you do not like to deliver email content, which affects the initial conversation. But you can retain your relationship by sending a follow-up email.

Let your readers know how you value their communications with your company. Your email subject line gives you an opportunity to show gratitude. You can give a clue by revealing the name of the event where you first encountered the recipient.

‘How To’ subject lines

You may feel that this type of subject line is boring and does not add interest. But, in reality, it is a classic subject line, which is highly effective in drawing attention. As an email marketer, you should know some psychological principles to achieve your goal.


In the world of digital marketing, scarcity triggers fear of missing out on important things. Your potential customers like to make the best deal and grab resources. But your email subject line and content should not be much sales. Some phrases and words used by marketers for disclosing limited-period discounts cause an increase in email spam filters. Your message may reach the junk folder, and thus, you have to be careful about it.

Breaking news in the email subject line

Modern consumers always like to know the latest news about the industry. Thus, you can send an email to illustrate news stories. Write attractive and relevant email subject lines.

Today, there is a trend of browsing news topics from online platforms. You can take advantage of this trend by incorporating the term “Breaking News” into the subject line. You will surely find a hike in the number of clicks and opens.

Subject line related to upcoming events and announcements

Your business announcements are important for your email subscribers. Your company may have decided on hosting an event. Thus, you can spread this information via email.

You may send discounted tickets and free tickets to your target audiences. So, the subject line for emails should be like- “BUY 1 ticket. Get 2 FREE”.

You can also send an email to host online promotional events.

Email subject line writing styles: Conclusion

You can customize your email subject line writing styles based on your purpose. Subject lines are important for your email remarketing campaign also. You can automate this campaign using Capture. This patented software makes it easy to run the campaign.

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