Email unsubscribing messages: Best tips for managing the messages

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Best Tips For Managing Email Unsubscribing Messages

Have you started your email marketing and remarketing campaigns? It brings a big smile when you find the growth of your email subscriber lists. However, it is nothing that a few of your email recipients will no longer like to receive messages from your company. There may be several reasons behind it. But what is the best way to manage email unsubscribing messages? Although your email recipients like to unsubscribe, you can inspire them to stay in touch with your company in some other ways. Your unsubscribe process will enable you to add a slight positive touch to the negative situation.

Email unsubscribing messages: some tips and take the right steps.

Learn about unsubscribe law

It is the most critical step while dealing with the email unsubscribe process. According to the CAN-SPAM law in the USA, the unsubscribe link of the company should work for at least 30 days. But, for Canada, it is around 60 days. Thus, you must check the legal rules about email unsubscribing based on your location.

Ensure that the unsubscribe message is clear

Your subscribers should find an option for opting out of your emails. While browsing Google, you can find several unsubscribe email templates with an easy-to-find link at the bottom. Never embed the link in a place, which is not visible to your email recipient. It may frustrate your target audience. The link should be isolated from other parts of the email.

Give an opportunity to opt out

In some cases, the recipients decide to choose the unsubscribe option because of your frequent delivery of emails. Thus, you can give them the freedom to set the frequency of receiving emails. They will feel that everything is under their control.

Let your subscribers customize email settings. You will also learn about their preferences and make segmented emails to get better responses. 

Remind your subscribers of the old days

You have to know what has persuaded subscribers to choose to unsubscribe. Create your unsubscribe page in a way that subscribers would like to make a second guess. Moreover, the confirmation message for unsubscribing must direct recipients to somewhere they can again subscribe to your email.

There should be no clutter in the unsubscribe pages. Although recipients stay subscribed, they sometimes mark your emails as spam. You should take steps to avoid this situation.

Do not pose yourself as a robot

Words chosen for email opt-out messages must reflect your brand. It must be an attractive copy like other emails. Be creative with the design, language, and delivery method. You must not create a long, boring form, which is never attractive to subscribers. Those who are going to unsubscribe will never think of re-subscribe.

Offer alternatives

There are no unsubscribes until your potential customer has clicked the Unsubscribe link. Before they make this decision, you can do a lot of things. For instance,

  • Offer an incentive 
  • Provide alternative ways to continue interaction 
  • Receive different emails
  • Have a break from regular emails from a particular time frame

Remind the way how subscribers are added to your list

Some email users cannot recall how they subscribed to your email. For instance, they have been signed up with your emails via a third-party platform while making a purchase. While sending a message to subscribers, it is good to show the path that has brought them to your email list. It will enable them to realize the value of your emails. Sometimes, it may also convince them not to click the unsubscribe button.

Let unsubscribers update their email address

While displaying the unsubscribe option, you may enable your email recipients to switch to another email address. They may have a different account to continue communication. Several internet users have multiple email addresses and like updating their email preferences.

Prove that you care for those who unsubscribe

Although some subscribers have unsubscribed from your email, it does not indicate a loss. Let them have a chance to return. They may think of re-subscribing to your email in the future. That is why you must not be careless while sending your unsubscribing message.

Mistakes you make with the unsubscribe messages

What will you do when your unsubscribe rate is not decreasing? In this situation, there is a chance of making mistakes.

Unsubscribe is unavoidable, although no marketers like it. That is why they try to hide the unsubscribe link. It is one of the biggest mistakes of marketers.

Often, marketers compel email recipients to go through the login process to unsubscribe. It is a frustrating thing for email users. Another big mistake is that you have not sent a confirmation message to unsubscribers. However, it is essential to show a confirmation message on the unsubscribe page.

No marketer likes to see a lot of unsubscribes. Still, it is essential to be careful about the unsubscribe process to find a chance to re-subscribe. 

More about the unsubscribe rate

Some new marketers feel distressed when they check their unsubscribe rates. They have put much effort into creating perfect messages. It is heartbreaking that recipients are not much interested in their emails. However, the truth is that it is good to have some email recipients unsubscribed. You must be familiar with the term- healthy unsubscribe rate.

Effective email marketing campaigns also turn out to have a 2% unsubscribe rate. The number of unsubscribes indicates subscribers pay attention to what you deliver. Unsubscribing is a part of a self-cleaning cycle. Moreover, your marketing team will find an opportunity to learn what works best and what does not.

You have now understood the best way to deal with email unsubscribing messages. You may have started sending messaging for marketing and remarketing campaigns. However, for your remarketing solution, you can use the automated software, Capture. It lets you integrate a range of tools to make your marketing campaign easier.

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