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Facebook Ad Placement Guide- Get The Best Tips

Have you started a paid advertising campaign on Facebook? However, how you place the ads makes a difference in the success of your campaign. Still, some marketers overlook Facebook ad placement. Our comprehensive Facebook ad placement guide will increase your conversation rates. You can win better quality leads with this approach. 

You may target Google, which provides a vast online space for paid search ads. But, compared to Google Ads, Facebook ads are affordable options. You can find new leads and remarket your products/services to non-converters. Thus, Facebook ads can be a powerful tool for small and large corporations. 

Facebook ad placement guide

Avoid guesswork while placing your Facebook ads

As there are several options for targeting and optimization, Facebook ads newbies can easily get overwhelmed. Mainly the interface and terminology may be confusing. It is also distressing if your ads get rejected and do not provide the best result.

So, you may feel confused when you look at various placement options. You have to create a strategy for placing your advertisements. You can make the best use of the advertising framework.

Facebook Ads Placements- Know about the available options

For each type of ad placement, you need to create quality content. You can also repurpose the content across different platforms. 

Advertisements on Facebook

Instant Articles

With a large, mobile-friendly format, these ads must be placed in the Facebook app. The mobile news feed will display these ads and engage your app users. They will not go to a different site to read articles. You can also use them as a remarketing tool and add touchpoints to your sales funnel.

Search Results

Search Result ads on Facebook let you connect with the audience based on the relevant search terms. It is quite similar to Google’s PPC campaign.

News Feed

When you think of placing your Facebook ads, consider News Feed. News feeds are accessible to users through any device. Today, several marketers claim that mobile users contribute to a significant part of their Facebook ads revenue.

Right Column

Facebook Right Column ads ensure a higher engagement rate compared to News Feed. However, only computer users can view these ads. 

Instream videos

These video advertisements continue for 5 to 15 seconds and are viewable to those who have already watched Facebook videos on the social media app. 

Facebook Marketplace

If you are looking for audiences with buying intent, Marketplace ads can be the right choice. The Marketplace page and homepage show the ads.

Advertisements in Facebook Messenger-

  • Messenger Inbox

From the name, you can guess that these ads come up in Messenger and lets you reach your target users instantly. They not only trigger conversation but also drive sales. 

  • Messenger Story Advertisements

These ads are similar to Facebook story ads and are found in the user’s stories on the app. 

  • Sponsored Messages

Some ads appearing in a text message are crafted purposefully. You can keep users engaged with these ads and drive more actions. 

Placing your ads automatically

Using technology, you can optimize the performance of the ads regardless of the target channel. It is good when you do not have enough information to make decisions. However, to run your ads automatically, you have to focus on a few factors-

  • What placements and platforms are preferred by your potential customers?
  • Which type of devices (mobile versus desktop) do they use often?
  • Which ad placement will ensure the highest engagement? 
  • Which are the costliest ad placements?

Placing the ads manually

In some cases, you need to place your advertisements manually. Make sure that you know the effectiveness of each type of ad placement. Different types of ad placement can cause variations in conversion rates, CTR, and other costs. Depending on the advertising format, you can decide on the correct type of placement. After analyzing the performance of every placement type, you can identify the ones which serve your purpose.


We have provided you with a detailed Facebook ad placement guide. You can now create the most effective advertising copy to promote your brand. Make sure that you have customized the ad placement. If you limit your placements only to a few options, you may lose the budget and reduce your reach. Proper ads also help you with remarketing. Automated software, Capture, can make your remarketing process easier. Integrate different tools into the software and make your campaign more effective. 

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