Five Goals When Creating a Remarketing Strategy

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Your remarketing strategy needs to have specific goals. Without these, you could waste time and money by not directing your efforts efficiently. When establishing your strategy, consider the following goals for your remarketing efforts.

1. Identify What You Want Your Customers to Do

Specify how you want site visitors to interact with your company. Do you want them to buy from your online store, sign up for a newsletter, or request an appointment? Make the answers to these questions the target goal of any remarketing emails or direct mail that you send out. By telling people what you want them to do, they are more likely to meet your expectations.

2. Create Targeted Copy for All Ads and Emails

Once you know exactly what you want former site visitors to do, create copy for all ads and emails that target that goal. You need to be direct with a strong call to action on your messaging to site visitors. They need to know that you have a valuable product or service for them, and they will benefit by returning to your site.

3. Set Up Targeted Remarketing Ads

With your targeted copy, set up remarketing ads for your site visitors. These ads attempt to bring back people who abandoned carts or forms on your site by advertising to them on social media or through Google. For instance, Google Ads has a remarketing feature for this purpose. However, you must supply the contacts from your site visitors.

4. Use Multichannel Remarketing Methods

Improve your conversions and site visitors through multichannel methods. For instance, leverage the capabilities of both email and direct mail remarketing to enhance your advertising campaign. With direct mail, you can reach people who typically don’t read their email regularly or prefer contact with physical mail.

5. Automate Processes to Reduce Your Effort

Don’t waste all your time on planning your remarketing efforts. One of your goals should be to cut down on the time spent with marketing. Therefore, consider automating remarketing with Capture®. The program collects contact information to send remarketing emails automatically. Once you’ve set it up, you have very little maintenance to keep your remarketing strategy going.

Make Capture®  Part of Your Remarketing Strategy Goals

Use Capture®  to automate the process of gathering contact information and reaching out to site visitors. With Capture®  integrations that include Salesforce, HubSpot, and AMP, you can unlock multiple marketing methods to reach your goals. Get started today to make your remarketing methods as precise and effective as possible.




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