Free remarketing strategies that are effective for your business

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Free Remarketing Strategies That Are Effective For Your Business

Running a small business does not simply involve the effort to attract new customers every day. It is important to bring your customers back to your store repeatedly. More than 90% of customers leave websites without making a deal. That is why you need a remarketing campaign to target those potential customers and re-engage them on your website. But, small businesses do not like to invest a high amount in their remarketing campaigns. Still, they do not need to be concerned about it. There are some free remarketing strategies to let them reach their goals.

Free remarketing strategies for your business

You can apply these easy strategies to your remarketing campaign.

Collect contact details for your customers

Customer data is always dynamic. What they preferred 3 years ago may not be desirable today. Thus, to stay connected with your loyal customers, you have to gather correct and relevant data about them. You can use email to establish reconnection with these customers. It is one of the free remarketing strategies for every small business. 

No doubt, email marketing is a highly effective approach, as it ensures a significant ROI. But, the most important step is to create an email list for remarketing. You can do it by creating a homepage that declares some incentives for visitors. For instance, you can offer a free consultation and a free demo of your products. To get these free solutions, your potential customers need to go through a signup process. So, you can easily collect their email addresses.

Target visitors with a higher purchase intent

In some cases, KPIs like CTR may not match your website’s performance. It can result in a high volume of impressions and a fewer number of clicks.

You can solve this problem by targeting visitors who have a higher intent of making a deal.

Especially visitors who have left your contact form and shopping cart should be your target. Moreover, visitors who have navigated different pages of your site are high purchase-intent potential customers.

Ensure that you have created a proper landing page

The landing page design can make a difference in the success of a remarketing campaign. The landing page is different from other web pages of your site. It is built with a particular purpose. For instance, you can promote a special offer using your landing page.

Thus, engage your in-house web designers to develop a focused landing page. Do not send the target audience directly to your homepage. It will enable the audience to take action and make a deal. But, it is important to target your segmented audiences. Every potential customer has a different interest, so you must know it before starting your remarketing campaign.

With a dedicated landing page, you will find a chance to capture your target audiences. You can also direct them to the relevant message. It will not cause distractions to your visitors, and they have a higher potential to get converted into customers.

Tag the right page of your site

The most important step for an effective remarketing program is to identify the web pages to be tagged. You may have already invested in AdWords remarketing and Google Analytics remarketing. But, which page should you tag for this marketing program?

You can generate more leads in a month by tagging the right page. Moreover, you can tag the bounced visitors to your pages. They have a chance of becoming your leads within a short time.

Create a highly engaging pitch

How do your potential customers feel when they find their email inboxes filled with several promotional offers? They never like to open these emails. As the digital world bombards customers with several ads and promotions, you have to find a way to send your message. It is the best way to make your pitch visible to them. But, how will you make your interactions highly engaging? Be precise- Your customers have a very low attention span. You have a few seconds to grab their attention. Thus, you must not create a long message for them.

  • Increase the curiosity level- A message effective for increasing the curiosity level can easily pick the interest of your potential customers. However, do not anticipate too much from your audience.
  • Announce a free trial – Trial runs, free services, and free products can re-engage your potential customers. They will try to connect with your brand and visit your website again.

Streamline the process of taking action

It is already said that your customers do not have a high attention span. Do not do something that makes them unmotivated. Your potential customers will leave your site in the midst of the action-taking process, especially when it is long and complicated. You can solve this issue by removing the unnecessary steps for making a deal.

For instance, you like to persuade your past buyers to leave comments on your products and services. But, they will not do it until you are emotionally involved. Negative emotions can result in negative business reviews.

There is no need to force your customers to leave reviews. The best option is to deliver the business review page link to your customers. With a single click, they will be able to reach the right page to write the review. It is also better to send the link via email and wait for the response.


So, these are some free remarketing strategies to get back the lost visitors and customers. You can also take advantage of the automated remarketing software – Capture®. The innovative application lets you create a free account and use the best features for your campaign. With Capture®, you can track visitors who have used your account creation forms, contact forms, appointment booking forms, and quote request forms. As you do not like to lose your valuable customers, you can use this remarketing tool.

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