Google Ad trends in 2022: Find a list here

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Find a list of Google Ad trends in 2022

Every time Google updates its algorithms, it becomes a concern for SEO specialists. A minor alternative can cause a big effect on the traffic volume. Google’s advertising platform also undergoes modifications that may not penalize you. However, you should adjust your strategy to take advantage of the ad network. It is essential to give importance to Google Ad trends in 2022. You can rethink your tactics for Google Ads campaigns based on these trends. 

Check the latest Google Ad trends in 2022

We have listed some Google Ad trends in 2022, which are highly important for advertising professionals.

Use of automation and Artificial Intelligence

AI technology plays an important role in different aspects of your life. Interestingly, it will also affect your PPC advertising campaigns. The best fact is that this technology is effective in boosting your advertising program. For instance, you can analyze bids to attract an optimal level of traffic. Quality Scores can be used for identifying the ad performance. Moreover, CTR for your ads and campaign will be higher.

You can notice the automation trend on Google Ads and Amazon Ads. AI lets you refine your advertising program for long-tail keywords. It provides you with accurate data on keywords.

Now, regarding automation, we can say that Capture has become a popular application for professionals running automated remarketing campaigns. It also helps in integrating Google Ads and other third-party tools for better outcomes.

Voice search technology integrated into PPC advertising campaigns

Market analysts have found that almost 50% of shoppers prefer voice searches when they look for products and services. Search engines also have voice search functionality to enable users to find the desired information without typing words. Thus, you should also create your advertisements for these voice searches. Mobile users can use the voice search feature. You can avoid choosing short-tail keywords to make your ads appear on these searches.

Auto-Applied Recommendations

It is another update related to Google Ads, although this feature is currently unavailable in every country. It is a control panel to implement advertisement suggestions for each account. There is also an option for choosing particular types of modifications to be used automatically. 

The Google Ads interface has the Recommendations tab to let you dismiss, edit, and apply suggestions. 

Using the latest ad formats

You can find the emergence of new categories of ad campaigns. For instance, Lead Form Ad Extension is to be placed at the bottom of your advertisement. You can download the leads manually. Moreover, users may also submit data without visiting your site. This new format is compatible with discovery ads, display ads, video ads, and search ads.

It works effectively with automation, and you can easily connect with responders.

Another important option is the responsive advertisement for video, display, and search purposes. The responsive format saves you time, as it is compatible with any ad.

More data needed for better performance

Undoubtedly, data plays an important role in the more refined performance of algorithms. But, to comply with new modifications, you must add more data (like micro-conversions and offline conversions). A micro-conversion is about the way users scroll the page and click on the button. You may not find real conversion in this audience. Still, there is a potential to convert them into genuine customers. 

The algorithm analyzes the data and displays relevant details to buyers. You will find a better result with this approach.

No third-party-cookies

Users’ privacy has become more important to Google, and that’s why this search engine tries to remove third-party cookies from the web browser. But how will it affect your advertising campaign? Federated Learning of Cohorts has become the best solution, as it reaches users with relevant content and ads. It places groups of consumers with similar preferences.

Although marketers may not find individual data, they can personalize ads and make their effort more creative. They can also match their offers to the users’ search intent. FLoC-based Cohorts have been made available in different countries like India, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand.

Consent Mode for Conversion modeling

The latest GDPR publication has compelled digital businesses to implement robust policies for data privacy. You can also find this trend on Google. In 2020, the search engine released the Consent Mode, a special method to adjust the functionality of Google tags based on the visitors’ consent.

The major goal of the Consent Mode is to maintain GDPR-compliant websites. It has caused new issues for digital marketers. However, conversion modeling is a technique for solving this problem. It also lets you recover the attribution path found between conversions and ad-click events. The new trend, conversion modeling, relies on ML technology to evaluate historical and observable data. It measures connections between unconsented and consented users.

The latest feature is best for advertisers in the UK and other European countries.  

Shopify integration

Shopify has gained high popularity in the eCommerce marketing field. Today, the Google Ads platform lets you integrate Shopify. The Shopping Graph can obtain data related to product information, videos, and prices. The platform informs online buyers about the way to search for the right items. These shoppers can also find merchants who offer the best price.

Merchants can promote their items free on the Shopping tab. The integration enables merchants to run advertisements on Google property.

The mobile trend is growing

While checking the PPC trends, you cannot overlook the significance of mobiles. Potential customers have become more familiar with smartphones. That is why several Google Ads are directed to mobile users. Advertisers will find short-term benefits from these ads because most of internet users use ad blockers. Apple device users especially can use this ad-blocking feature easily. But Android users may also block the ads. Thus, you have to make your PPC ads mobile-ready. It will ensure minimal wastage of paid clicks. You will have clicks from relevant users. 

You can now start modifying your advertising campaign based on these trends. Use the latest technologies to run your campaign and make your approach successful.

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