Google ads remarketing – A comprehensive guide

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How To Use Google Ads Remarketing

There are plenty of ways to run ad campaigns and effectively attract traffic to your website. But there is no guarantee that the visitors will end up on your website again. In most cases, visitors don’t visit the same website again unless they have found something that appeals to them or the positive experience they previously had. Remarketing is a strategy that most companies take in this situation. The remarketing strategy works by putting targeted ads for customers who have already shown interest in the website. It works by putting cookies in the web browsers of the visitors and advertising the product that the client has shown interest in. This strategy helps ads to convert into sales very effectively. So, how to use Google ads remarketing?

Why do you need Google ads remarketing?

Remarketing is a process that targets the audience or visitors into buying the product that they had thought of purchasing but couldn’t. For example, if a visitor viewed your website and chose an item to purchase but did not, the remarketing process acts as a reminder. The reminder or a targeted ad will show up later when the person is browsing the web again. This brings several benefits for the seller.

  • Google ads remarketing works very effectively. It is because the visitor is already interested in the product. Hence reminding them will most likely turn them into buyers. Remarketing ads have a ten times higher click-through rate than regular ad campaigns.
  • This method allows sellers to focus on potential customers with a granular focus. This means that you can create separate ad campaigns for visitors who have added one or more items to purchase but didn’t and for those who only visited the page without the intention of purchasing. Ads remarketing can convert both types of leads into sales.
  • Arguably the biggest search engine, Google has a reach of more than a million websites across the entire globe. So it doesn’t matter if the visitor is from a remote or urban location. Your ad campaigns will always find them.
  • Google also allows you to create automated bidding strategies, making creating ad campaigns easier. A simple campaign is always better to capture the visitor’s interest.

With all that, it also improves your brand recognition and improves ROI. Ads remarketing also enhances the customer experience. This results in more targeted sales in the future. Capture uses Google’s tools to create a super-effective remarketing campaign to suit your needs and convert leads into sales.

A comprehensive guide to using Google Ads remarketing

To use Google ads remarketing effectively, first, you need to set up a goal and a budget. After that, you need to set up a remarketing list. Then, set up your Google ads remarketing. You can use third-party software such as Capture to put more emphasis on your campaign. It is because Capture excels in creating successful remarketing campaigns through its tools. The tools include Google ads integration, postcard remarketing, and so on.

Setting up a remarketing list

To set up a remarketing list, you must log into the Google ads account. Then, set up the type of your campaign and goal. Make sure you set up Google ads remarketing parameters after setting up the campaign name, location, language, budget, bidding strategy, and schedules. After that, select the audience for the campaign. You can use cookies and email lists to sort and target potential customers.

After you have set all the parameters and chosen a list of customers, the following will help you run the campaign successfully.

  • Setting a goal

Setting a goal would mean that you have to understand that ad remarketing is different from pay-per-click campaigns. This method works by exposure of items whenever a potential buyer is surfing the web. You can use Capture to identify your goals. It will help you create a tailor-made campaign just for you.

  • Setting a privacy policy

As your website gathers information about visitors, it is imperative to use that information ethically. According to Google, it is recommended that the website should be transparent to its visitors about choosing the remarketing feature. The visitors must know that their information will be used for redesigning the marketing campaign, so they have the right to consent.

  • Exclusion list

The exclusion list comprises the visitors who have participated in the marketing campaign. This becomes necessary when you are on a tight budget. For example, if many people have already subscribed or have become purchasers, their names would go to the exclusion list.

  • Adding UTM codes

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module, an essential part of the URL. Google uses it for getting tracking-related information associated with a link in particular. It helps to identify the marketing activities that resulted in a conversion. You can add UTMs at the campaign level in Google ads or use third-party software such as Capture. This will enable you to fully utilize UTMs and convert more leads into sales.

  • Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a vital tool when it comes to remarketing. Once you enable it, creating any list about remarketing becomes a piece of cake. The lists you create here will automatically add to the target audience list. Also, it will create endless possibilities for Google ads remarketing.

Capture enables you to a laser-like focus on your remarketing campaigns with its superior analytical tools and advanced remarketing strategies that work in unison with Google ads. With that, their lead capture software ensures that the data collected from visitors is safe and secured. Moreover, it backs up your remarketing campaigns with fresh, real-time leads.


Converting leads becomes more accessible and more effective when integrating Google ads remarketing into your strategy. Google remarketing coupled with Capture offers you the best all-around remarketing solutions at your fingertips. This ensures an almost 25% conversion rate of your leads.

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