Google ads remarketing: Audiences you should target in PPC campaign

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Types Of Google Ads Remarketing Audiences

When considering remarketing, many businesses make the mistake of having one pixel on the website, which creates an ‘all audience’ segment. This method hardly brings any benefits to the business as there is no proper audience segmentation. Segmentation of the audience is vital when you are trying to point out user interest in order to maximize your conversion rate. Each viewer remains in a particular stage from which they think of advancing further. This eventually can bring them back to the page where they left off the last time. If you think of the customers through various buckets, it becomes easy to tailor PPC campaigns depending on the audience’s stage by using Google ads remarketing

There are many types of remarketing audiences that you can target in your PPC campaigns. We have provided a list below. Targeting them becomes easier while using other third-party software such as Capture.

Types of remarketing audiences you can target in your PPC campaigns

  • Visitors who view the pricing page

If an audience has viewed the pricing page, that only means that the person is interested enough to know the cost of your services. Filtering these audiences can increase your chances of active conversion and sales, as they have shown a higher intent. Moreover, that also means they can be interested in product demos or speaking to a sales representative. Capture, with its advanced filtration tools, helps you achieve that instantly.

  • Cross-channel remarketing

Cross-channel remarketing consists of reaching audiences who have viewed your website through other channels and marketing campaigns. This opens up new opportunities for targeting new customers from other platforms. 

Further, you can use this opportunity to manage your budget better as the costs vary from platform to platform. You can also use UTM structures to re-establish new connections through which you can reach targeted audiences. Capture® enables you to use UTM structures in an intelligent way which can be effective in filtering out customers.

  • Cart-abandonment customers

Many potential buyers have proceeded to checkout from the shopping page. But, they did not finish up the deal. That brings a scope of bringing those customers back by selective PPC campaigning. However, there is a potential that the customers will come back to your website to get a discount on the product. 

The right PPC campaign will encourage the customers to stick to the old deal and make a purchase unless they want to make some changes to the agreement. For example, increasing the warranty period may attract more customers without changing the original prices. 

Capture®’s services can highlight that in your PPC campaigns across platforms to bring more conversions.

  • Customers who have purchased before

Previous customers always have a higher chance of returning to your website if they have had a satisfactory experience. 

Third-party software such as Capture® lets you bring more traffic and a significant number of old customers by ensuring they have a satisfactory experience. It also helps increase your brand reputation and reach so more people can visit your site. 

Capture®’s outstanding after-purchase service wins over the buyers, and as a result, they will most likely visit only your website if they intend to purchase anything.

  • Large funnel converters

As there are individuals who purchase items for private usage, there are also other businesses that have to serve their customers. These large prospects need multiple touchpoints to turn into a sale. To convert these into sales, PPC alone may not be enough. 

Organizers, guides, and other campaigns such as webinars can connect businesses and your product and bring new customer bases under the umbrella. From that, you can sort out larger funnel assets and cultivate a specific campaign for them. 

Further, you can also adapt procedures such as product demos to attract lower funnel assets through Capture’s services.

  • Videos

There are a large number of customers who have signed up for demos. Also, they have watched videos of your website and products on various platforms. Popular video streaming platforms such as YouTube have one of the highest conversion rates and bring back old customers. It also has the capability of product introduction at the primary stages of the conversion funnel. 

Interested visitors will follow and subscribe to the channel to get regular updates. Once the visitors have gathered knowledge and trust for the company, converting them to sales will become much more manageable.

  • Customer match

Customer match is a great option that Google ads remarketing offers. As Google offers various ways to strengthen your marketing strategy by offering newsletters and email marketing, you can gather a lot of data about the visitors. Then, you can turn many of them into sales using Capture®’s integrated customer-approaching techniques. According to statistics, conversion rates through Google ads remarketing are higher than other giants such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Customer loyalty

There is a fair chance that customers visiting and purchasing from your website have returned. But there has to be a way to make them keep coming back. A customer loyalty program allows you to explore the opportunity to the fullest and pool in new viewers. Special offers and discounts, as well as a longer period of product warranty, are there to make them feel special. 

Capture® can allow you to create pathways in your website to direct them to the special offers section and others by critically examining their behaviors. That doesn’t only flood in new visitors but also builds a solid reputation for your business.


Targeting audiences based on their demographics and preferences can be complicated. Still, combined Google ads remarketing and Capture® provide you with the best customer analysis, funneling, and remarketing strategies that convert into sales. So, if you want to utilize Google remarketing to the fullest, Capture® is the answer. 

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