Google ads versus Facebook ads- Which one to choose?

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Google ads versus Facebook ads- Which one to choose?

Which platform comes to your mind when you think of paid ads? You struggle a lot to choose between Google and Facebook. These are major rivals in the world of paid ads. Advertisers find it challenging to decide on the better choice. Let us delve deep into the topic- Google ads versus Facebook ads.

Google AdWords- Best for paid search ads

Google is the right choice for publishing your paid search advertisements. Several PPC marketers rely on Google Ads for paid advertising campaigns.

You need to publish text-based ads and use the target keywords for this paid search campaign. You can use Google to bid on different keywords. Your ads will become visible in the search results. Every time someone clicks on advertisements, you need to pay an amount.

Facebook for the paid social advertisements

Facebook Ads are referred to as paid social campaigns. However, Facebook is a highly competitive platform, as several businesses have taken advantage of it with their advertising strategies. 

So, both Facebook and Google ads enable you to promote your brand. But what is the significant difference in their approaches?

  • Paid search- It enables businesses to draw new customers by using relevant keywords.
  • Paid social- Users can locate the right businesses that can serve their purposes. 

Google ads versus Facebook ads- Know about the audience size

Both Google and Facebook ensure a wide reach of audience. More than 1 billion active users use Facebook every day. Similarly, Google manages more than 5 billion searches regularly. Over 90% of its revenue from Facebook comes from advertising campaigns. To identify how to manage ad campaign on Google and Facebook, you have to focus on-

  • The activity of the target audience– Check how your target audiences use the platforms.
  • Product orientation: Is your product search-oriented or social?

Brands that have launched a new product can rely on Facebook to build the target audience. 

Identify the buyer’s intent to choose Google and Facebook ads

From the perspective of buyer intent, Google Ads can be the better choice. For instance, when an AC breaks down, a consumer naturally uses Google to search for repairers. That is why there is a chance of making your search ads visible to the consumer. Your potential customers may commonly not visit Facebook to find repair services. 

Thus, in this case, Facebook Ads will not convert your leads fast.

Which ad platform is easier to use?

Beginners may find both Google and Facebook confusing. Google Ads’ User Interface is data-oriented, whereas Facebook Ads have an intuitive interface. However, several marketers have claimed that it is not easy to use the major capabilities of Facebook. But, others have found advanced features of Google Ads. You can use the platform for publishing retargeting and display ads that ensure better reach.

Several options for ad placement

Using Google Ads, you can promote your products on-

  • Google Search
  • Google Play
  • YouTube ads
  • Google Maps
  • Google Display Network

To run a social advertising campaign, you can invest in Facebook Ads. Place your advertisements on

  • Instagram Feed
  • Facebook News Feed
  • Facebook Video Feeds
  • Audience Network
  • Facebook Right Column 
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Audience Network
  • Facebook Messenger

Comparison in terms of ad formats

While thinking of the advertisement format, you need to think of the goal of your ad campaign. Facebook enables you to show creativity while publishing ads. Several marketers have chosen it as the right platform for customer loyalty and brand awareness. 

But, when you run a Google Ads campaign, you will find a small space to catch customers’ eye during the organic search results. There are ad extensions for more information. However, the overall format is not intricate. 

To create a better visual effect on your message, you can publish image-based ads on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook is trying to provide you with more innovative ad formats to prevent problems like ad fatigue. Check for some unique Facebook Ads features.

Engagement Ads

Post these advertisements on the Facebook page, and they are visible to those who have a higher chance of getting engaged.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Interact with your potential customers anytime and provide customer services. The bot can receive orders, send shipping notifications, and give automated details.

Lead Ads

Effective and low-cost lead ads enable you to obtain the contact details of your target audience. These advertisements are best for scheduling appointments, signing up for newsletters, and offering deals.

Behavioral Targeting

It lets you reach the target audiences based on their purchase history, device usage, and buyer intent.

Facebook Pixel

It tracks activities on your website due to paid ads and organic posts. In this case, you need some codes for tracking purposes.

Track results of your PPC campaign

Tracking your ROI is important while running a PPC campaign on any platform. You have to track-

  • Conversions
  • Cost
  • Cost per conversion
  • Impressions
  • CTR

Without tracking these metrics, you cannot measure the success of your campaign.

When you find some leads not converting successfully, retargeting ads will be effective for them. For this campaign, you can leverage benefits from the Capture software. It enables you to get more leads and increase the number of conversions. The automated remarketing and retargeting campaigns will provide you with significant value.  

Still confused about the right platform for an advertising campaign?

Some paid advertising professionals prefer a blended approach to the campaign. Both platforms have some strengths. You can adjust your strategy and budget while dealing with both Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Google Ads will allow you to make your ads more relevant to searchers. But Facebook also has no rival, as it has an enormous audience. These platforms are complementary to each other. Some of us try to compare Google Display Network and Facebook Ads. 

Although they have similarities, they work differently. Understanding how each platform works and gaining its ultimate value is important.

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